Hazy flashbacks…

The Keys -Fire inside

The skinny: From Wales with love. And lysergic acid.

The review proper: Getting it out of the way, I gotta say that the first two songs really didn’t do the trick for me, I’m afraid. Nothing against the music, but it feels too much of a throwback to old things. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as taste is always a terrible bias trigger.

But, okay, after a very mellow start with two very old school songs (swear I’m missing a paisley cravat while listening to this), a couple of uppers are dropped and the lads go for a spin in a GTO. ‘People meet people’ is the first change of the band into a territory of grungy garages and disaffected drawls. A bit more like it and the solo is bombastic and enjoyable.

‘Valley son’ is the meeting point between the 2 slower songs and the rest of Fire inside. The mood changes dramatically after a quickie interlude (called ‘low and behold’), where any folk pretensions are promptly defenestrated and psychedelia takes control.

The last three songs of Fire inside are probably the strongest parts of the very brisk album (26 minutes!). ‘I am the breeze’ is slow, burning through the walls. ‘The eyes of the world’ gets around with a cheeky overdriven guitar and some dreamy vocals that work pretty well, dripping atmosphere (and a lovely wall of noise) everywhere. Fuck it, this is the song of the album, the moment where it feels where The Keys got their groovy sound on hold and take their sweet time to relish the moment.

The album goes away with ‘O Lord!’, a truck driving song (or so said my dad when I played it to him) and it’s peppered with some great guitar licks (for you fans of fuzzy things, check this one out). The end of the song just needs that ol’ tape “buzz” and a physical *click* to make it perfect.

Maybe we’re due for a psychedelic revival. It would be a welcomed change from all the autotune danceable songs, y’dig?



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