Bolita bolita bolita!!

Dinosaur Pile-Up – The most powerful EP in the universe

The skinny: Some fuckin’ excellent grunge from Leeds.

The review proper: Who cares if grunge seems to be extinct? We’re due for a revival! And hopefully part of this attack of the Seattle flannel ‘n’ sardonic voice combo will include Dinosaur Pile-Up (no relation to Jim Yoshii Pile-Up), a band from Leeds who laid this short and sweet EP unto the unsuspecting public.

Starting out the proceedings is the catchy ‘Summer hit single’, sometimes a bit punkish, but all the time being completely fun. ‘Opposites attract’ brings back good memories of the 90s (Tripping Daisy! Tripping Daisy!!), with the laconic vocal delivery and the distortion cranked up to a NHS-approved level of daily dose (?).

‘Cat attack!!’ (which you can download very legal and very freely here) is a little manic, but it goes with the job. Giving you a bit of a breather is ‘Melanin’, a mellow (ish) moment of peace until getting to the choice cut of the album, the magnificent rocky and feedback-laden ‘Beach bug’. The culmination of all that is good with this band is stuffed on this corker and with the good news that an album is coming our way, here’s hoping it’s as good as this 5 song EP.



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