The Battle of the free releases

Sp pic from Bromheads pic from Reverbnation.

So, it has come to my attention as co-editor in chief in this pocilga that there’s two bands devotedly loved by our staff. One is The Ones led by Uncle Fester (The Smashing Pumpkins) and The Dynamic aural range Duo from Sheffield (Bromheads). Even stranger is the fact that both bands have been unleashing a free download unto the Internet since last year.

Is this a direct bout or just the zeitgeist (see what i did there?) of our current music delivery sensibilities? Who cares? I smelled a box match and, well, let’s weigh the last singles each band have released.

The rules

1) The singles have to have been released in the same timeframe.

2) The songs need to be completely free. No emails, no “become a fan of”, no bum kissing, no nothing. Gratis como los piropos en el metro Merced, you dig? FREE.

3) The ending of “Life on Mars” represents going to Heaven. The ending of “The Shield” represents Hell. Discuss

Now… ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-umble!


Fan of the Vagrants : Very, very short (but extremely sweet) ditty that goes with the usual relaxed Bromheads drumbeat, then breaking down to some energetic, fast and pure punkish ending.

Blinkers on :  It starts deceptively slow, but the veil is lifted quite fast. This smells like the crowd-jumping one for the next Tramlines, just like Boots was last year. Rocky and effective.

Cinderellas : Okay, on this single (the one for July, GO GET IT!) there seems to be a formulaic approach (feels somehow that Fan, Blinkers and Cinderellas are all related. Might be.) but there ain’t nothing bad with it. The solo is pretty nifty and the ending is sweet.

The Smashing Pumpkins

Astral Planes : The strongest song from the first EP in the Teargarden by Kaleiditopyataci Kaleidyscope, it is much much slower (and mellower!) than the version that did the rounds during the Spirits in the Sky tour. Whatever lacks in energy it sure makes up in atmosphere (that reverb kicking in during the intro combined with bongos = win!). I have no problem with the mantra like lyrics.

Freak : A complete reworking from the tune since its outing in the Spirits in the Sky tour, this mishmash of acoustic sensibilities, tree-hugging lyrics and a fender-blender bass pedal make it poppish enough to become an earworm, but still pretty rock worthy. The mixing sounds great and there’s some awesome drumming by young Mike Byrne.

Artwork for the singles

In closing

Bromheads have in their favour that all of their songs have been delivered on time, no flippin’ excuses, no waits like the ones to get your meds from the NHS. First day of the month, bickety-bam, free song. Though having one month only to get them might give them a shorter life*. Cover art is simple but catchy.

Smashing Pumpkins have in their favour that the songs are always available. That’s it. You can download them whenever you want. Against? The spotty-at-best schedule (but which might have been changed due to the physical release of an EP, as not to hurt sales). Cover art is trippy and watercoloury, with some mysticism thrown in.


Bromheads, but on a technical KO. But it’s a great bout so far! Also, I might be under the influence of Chemtrails, but hey, that’s the air in Bristol for you.

Big Love

Quinto Hunt, the Gene Genie.



Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Reverbnation.

Smashing Pumpkins

Website. Facebook. Twitter.

*Then again, it’s a whole damn month… watcha waiting for? Special delivery by ASDA home? Also, you can listen to them at Reverbnation. Click here!

Apologies in advanced to the lovely fellas of . No infringement intended.

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