Paving Stones : Ghost Riots

Some say that the cold shiver on your neck indicates the presence of a ghost. Some say that a riot needs not a reason, but only the manpower to happen. What happens when several ghosts breath down your neck? Fuck if I know, but here’s Ghost Riots , an electro house band from México doing some rather dance-heavy tunes (under the fidget /dirty dubstep flag … Continue reading Paving Stones : Ghost Riots

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Paving Stones : August Actually

Hamster Jelly! No, wait, that’s a different flashback. Was it because of the glass onions I had on my curry? Anyways, August Actually are an indie pop band from Nottingham, which isn’t actually a bad place. I know y’all like bandying the “Shottingham” joke around, but that’s older than Jimmy Saville. But back to August Actually… They do wave the flag of pop, but there’s this … Continue reading Paving Stones : August Actually

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Paving Stones : Drenge

Drenge are from Castleton although they have been doing the rounds in Sheffield playing everywhere they can get themselves to play. After opening for the always entertaining (and rocking) Wet Nuns in late January, they have been on a hectic schedule, playing as much as they can (while running away from ASBO-wielding neighbours). They also do a handmade zine (called Blood and Milk ) that … Continue reading Paving Stones : Drenge

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Paving Stones : Skeletons and the Empty Pockets

Not exactly a new band, but surely an excellent live band, Skeletons and the Empty Pockets (who will change names soon) are from Rotherham & Sheffield and play…well, God knows what they are playing but I like it. First time I heard them (back in the Harley), they made me think of that Disney cartoon with the dancing skeletons in the graveyard. Dunno why. Then … Continue reading Paving Stones : Skeletons and the Empty Pockets

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Paving Stones – Decibully

A proof that creative worlds can coexist instead of colliding, Decibully delivers as many varied tunes as there are members in their band. The sexiest, vintage, harmonious tunes. This is a taste of real music democracy immersed in moog textures. They sadly are no longer with us as they have embarked into newer adventures (which will bring exciting results, of that we are sure). Heck, … Continue reading Paving Stones – Decibully

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Paving Stones : Blacklisters

Blacklisters. The name reminds me that I can’t show my mug in a couple of clubs in Sheffield (it wasn’t my fault). It also reminds me that you can have a sense of humour (although a bit sordid, but that’s cool) while rocking out and scaring a few vicars. This band consists of Billy Mason Wood (vocals), Dan Beesley (guitar), Owen Griffits (bass) and Alistair … Continue reading Paving Stones : Blacklisters

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Paving Stones – The Monicans

The Monicans, the band who flew from afar to take the city by storm (although sneakily). After travelling from the dark territories (no, not Mexico City) and living in a van while touring England, the band settled down in Sheffield (a city they have mentioned they like a lot) and decided to go for a grungy output filled with haunting sounds, a grungy vocal delivery, healthy use of eBow, a driven bass and a very solid drumming.

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Paving Stones: Mega Aquarians

Like a good day (i.e. raining) in Seattle, the psychedelic metal of Mega Aquarians can be on the “grunge” side of the scale, but when all is said and done (and the amps overloaded), they pack a hell of a punchy show. It’s only two dudes going Tasmanian devil on their respective instruments (drums, guitar) but sound like a proper demolition squad. Here’s a free … Continue reading Paving Stones: Mega Aquarians

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Paving Stones : The Phoenix Experiment

The Phoenix Experiment – Cut you down Psychedelic music is ripe for a resurgence, specially when it oozes a lot of tripping atmospheres for your listening pleasure (all about the organ noodling). Witness The Phoenix Experiment and their new track (for free, natch), ‘Cut you down’. Pass the Doritos, I’m quitting salvia and patchouli. This here trippy track is yours for free (something they plan … Continue reading Paving Stones : The Phoenix Experiment

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