Paving Stones : Drenge

Drenge are from Castleton although they have been doing the rounds in Sheffield playing everywhere they can get themselves to play. After opening for the always entertaining (and rocking) Wet Nuns in late January, they have been on a hectic schedule, playing as much as they can (while running away from ASBO-wielding neighbours).

They also do a handmade zine (called Blood and Milk ) that they give for free at their gigs as a “little thank you for the people who came to see us” (or so said lead singer Eoin Loveless). Filled with jokes, a lot of self-deprecating humour and a few musings about life and everything about it (42), these zines are a labour of love (one edition was hand stapled, that is, no stapler, so they pushed the staples with their fingers. That’s dedication.)

Anyhoos, here’s ‘Blood & Milk’.


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