Paving Stones : Skeletons and the Empty Pockets

Not exactly a new band, but surely an excellent live band, Skeletons and the Empty Pockets (who will change names soon) are from Rotherham & Sheffield and play…well, God knows what they are playing but I like it.

First time I heard them (back in the Harley), they made me think of that Disney cartoon with the dancing skeletons in the graveyard. Dunno why. Then I listened to them on the Too Pure compilation of 7″ and loved what I heard (pay attention to ‘In the woods’).

They recently rocked out the O2 Academy during Tramlines 2011  and between having a drummer that will achieve escape velocity (he jumps without missing a beat, talented bugger!), a guitar and bass player doing a talent tug of war, a semiquiet keyboard player who adds thick atmospheres and an excessively charming lead singer, Skeletons and the Empty Pockets offer a grand old time. Here’s ‘In the woods’.

Do visit their Soundcloud, as there’s a couple more free tracks there. Totally worth your time.

Skeletons and the empty pockets

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