Paving Stones – Trojan Horse

I for one welcome our new Prog Rock Overlords!, i,.e., Trojan Horse. The line-up of this Mancunian Band consists of brothers Nicholas Duke (guitar/vocals) Eden (keyboards/vocals), Lozz (bass/vocals), and Guy Crawford (drums), and they’ve been messing around with our logic since 2007.

Trojan Horse‘s homonymous album fits in the Prog music definitions as they create symphonies with eclectic structures, which is in essence the new chaos mirrored in 10 tracks they weaved for us.

This is a new music proposal where thoughts and desires mingle and give a dangerous texture to our ears, empowered with twists that are truly out of this world. Their music is the exact moment where order and chaos collide and create a new universe with echoes of the collective subconscious of a society (yes, 4 guys can do that with their music). You wanna know why? ‘Cause they are our (and your) new prog rock overlords.

Trojan Horse may easily become the soundtrack of your finest, hopeful, loving, tender, and most confusing hours. Here’s ‘Disciplining the reserve army’. Respect the beard, yo.

Disciplining the Reserve Army

Words: Tonan

Links: Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp. Tumblr. Myspace.


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