Paving Stones : August Actually

Hamster Jelly! No, wait, that’s a different flashback. Was it because of the glass onions I had on my curry? Anyways, August Actually are an indie pop band from Nottingham, which isn’t actually a bad place. I know y’all like bandying the “Shottingham” joke around, but that’s older than Jimmy Saville.

But back to August Actually… They do wave the flag of pop, but there’s this tinge of folk (all about that sweet banjo) and although a bit moody, there should be a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, it might be a train from Beeston that’ll probably flatten you like Mr. Toad (R.I.P. you petrolhead) but, hey, it’s something, right?

So, August Actually and the thoughtful, introspective ‘I can’t promise you forever’ for a “pay what you want” price. If you don’t want/can’t pay but download, hey, recommend it to your friends!

Links Bandcamp. Facebook. Myspace.


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