Paving Stones : Blacklisters

Photo: Bart Pettman

Blacklisters. The name reminds me that I can’t show my mug in a couple of clubs in Sheffield (it wasn’t my fault). It also reminds me that you can have a sense of humour (although a bit sordid, but that’s cool) while rocking out and scaring a few vicars.

This band consists of Billy Mason Wood (vocals), Dan Beesley (guitar), Owen Griffits (bass) and Alistair Stobbart (drums). We know for a fact that Sheffield (alabama) own Wet Nuns like these fellas, which is already a guarantee of rockness. Add to this the fact that they have just signed with Brew Records and opened for Melt Banana (yeah!) and Rolo Tomassi (fuck yeah!) .

Here’s ‘Swords’, you guys. While you listen to Owen do some cool bass shenanigans, you can check our review of their split 10″ EP (with fellow rockers Castrovalva, Dolphin and Hawk Eyes).


Website. Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp.

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