Review: 65 days of Static – Heavy Sky (EP)

65daysofstatic – Heavy Sky (EP)

The skinny: That little tail behind the comet that was We were exploding anyway.

The review proper: Why chop down ‘Tiger girl’?

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Singles – Bromheads, Firesuite, Chickenhawk and Kong

Bromheads – Friends

The little ditty that could. A bittersweet song about the ups and downs of friendships and maybe that the best course of action is just to shrug your shoulders and soldier on. Getting kicked out TWICE from a building might be the side-effects of this earworm of a song. Love the drumming and “you will like it after you’ve heard it twenty times” (TM Tim from Bromheads) .

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Ready for the gridlock

Autolux – Transit transit

The skinny: Forever delayed…

The review proper: But Jebus damn us all, well worth the wait.

Six years is an eternity in the unforgiving music blogosphere (hate that term) and watching Autolux take so long (although with reason) to release Transit Transit was a very taxing experience.

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La Folie, c’est mon truc

La Folie – Risus Sardonicus

I got a very interesting album today, though the cover seemed a little bit as if all of my childhood traumas were reflected on that image: circus, an elephant, acrobats… anyway, I was pretty excited to listen to this new acquisition called Risus Sardonicus, by La Folie (I dig the name!)

There’s something about the circus that has always left me at unease; it’s maybe pretending, it’s maybe a parallel reality or just making fun at reality itself. Circus is the main concept of this album, and the result is quite interesting and calls for the uncanny.
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Old school reverberation…

The Lucid Dream – Erbistock Mill (EP)

The skinny: Extremely lo fi and noisy

The review proper: First of all, a quick apology for the band as they’ve sent this album a big while ago. The easiest way to describe the sound of The Lucid Dream would be to stand at the corner of lo fi and shoegaze and wait for the next car to pass to be driven by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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The Amazing Sheffield Time Machine

Mike Hughes + Bromheads @ City Library Theatre.

Picture this: a sort of overcast theatre, in the lower entrails of a city library. The seats are of old fabric, their width is a little inappropriate for people of, er, expanded measurements and there’s 50-60s rock and roll blasting from the PA.

It could be a time capsule, it could an educational film of an era long gone by. It could also be that scene from 24 Hour Party People (just without Steve Coogan’s hairdo). But no, it wasn’t. It was Friday 30th of April, it was Sheffield and a few yards away, some snooker was being played.

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Review: 65 days of static – We were exploding anyway

The skinny: Glitchy rockers/electronica renewing their energies and reloading some old tricks.

The review proper: Whoa. What’s all this then?

After some great music, the Sheffield based 65 days of static change their bag of tricks a bit on their new album, We were exploding anyway. Whilst still keeping their trademark moody music, they  add some tribal rhythms (the end of ‘Mountainhead’ is pure zoning out territory, ‘Dance dance dance’ is a tribal mantra that never lets go) but also keeping thing manic (‘Crash tactics’, ‘Piano fights’) for the gusto of your listening pleasure.

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Interview: Is I cinema

Is I Cinema

Sometimes in life, you’ve got a choice. The problem is always that choice. Our decisions are marked by that choice. What you want to do versus what you have to do.

My problem was: Do I go to a gig I’ve been waiting for or ditch it for a band I barely know nor heard of before?

Stupid plan warning: I can do all in one day. Sigh, the Nirvana fallacy is my best friend. Still, I arrive to the back garden of The Grapes and I see them, 6 people. Three dames, three gents. The one with the longest hair (Carl, guitar) greets me and I sit down in front of one guy who reminds me of Paddy Considine.

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Alone and outnumbered in the ring

The Loud – EP

Taken from The Loud’s Facebook.

The skinny: Noise rock from Liverpool. Emphasis on rock, saturated with the noise.

The review (proper):
Since these Liverpudlian lads (hey, just like me, laaaik – Ed. Quinto) sound like the resonance of getting  a concussion after boxing, let’s exploit the twee boxing analogies I’ve been using for a while and dig deep into their muddled, heavy sound.
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