Alone and outnumbered in the ring

The Loud – EP

Taken from The Loud’s Facebook.

The skinny: Noise rock from Liverpool. Emphasis on rock, saturated with the noise.

The review (proper):
Since these Liverpudlian lads (hey, just like me, laaaik – Ed. Quinto) sound like the resonance of getting  a concussion after boxing, let’s exploit the twee boxing analogies I’ve been using for a while and dig deep into their muddled, heavy sound.

Getting you ready for the ring is ‘A little taste of home’, a slow burning, heavy on the bass gem that crawls around, warming up the proceedings. A little cheeky guitar accompanies the main riff, hand in hand climbing into the fight.

Pennington Lee’s vocal delivery is in your face, with a slightly slurred voice (see “comments” for more about this), with a “ready to erupt” anger just waiting behind a wall. This goes full speed on ‘It’s nothing’, the faster track of the whole thing.

Mid-EP song ‘I’m easy’ is also mid-match, when endurance comes around. It’s also the time for Matthew Freeman (bass) and Leroy Oxton (drums) to get into the fray and do their stuff. A great solo is thrown in here, backed up with a throbbing rhythm section.

There’s this bit that sounds like a mosquito connected to an overdrive (!) during ‘I am a war’ that pretty much floored me. That’s all to say abut it.

I once was talking with a girl about Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor and the inherent funny weirdness of the book. There’s this bit when the protagonist and a girl are dancing (cha cha cha!) while a department store is on fire. Somehow, ‘Five years’, with its tempo and ever increasing roar, made me think of said passage.

Relentless and pretty much rocking to the core, The Loud’s EP hits you in the glass jaw,  never letting you recover from a defeated position hugging the canvas ’til the bell rings.



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One thought on “Alone and outnumbered in the ring

  1. I LOATHE comparing bands to each other (notice I rarely drop band names here on sloucher) but I gotta mention I thought of Therapy? and the Jesus and Mary Chain breeding, with the fittest offspring enjoying the hell outta this EP.

    I need to empathise: I don’t like comparing bands (they should be treated as their own beast) but in this case i’ll use this stepping stone (or crutch).

    I love the album, btw

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