Review: 65 days of Static – Heavy Sky (EP)

65daysofstatic – Heavy Sky (EP)

The skinny: That little tail behind the comet that was We were exploding anyway.

The review proper: Why chop down ‘Tiger girl’?

No, really! I absolutely love ‘Tiger girl’ so I don’t get the need to put an edited version on Heavy Sky, unless is to prove a narrative joint between We were exploding anyway and this new EP.

It certainly feels like it’s following the electronica-heavy palette from the last 3 songs of We were exploding anyway. Guitars are mostly absent (although they do pop their little heads and say ‘hey up!’) and it’s mostly sequences and atmospheres.

And what lush atmospheres are to be heard in Heavy sky. Straight of the top of my head, the more lush ones are ‘Pacify’ and ‘PX3’, both dreamy songs with a constant, leisure pace. ‘Pacify’ is the “hugged out your loved ones” from the EP. Building a little piano sample, it goes for some sweet feedbacks and the brisk drumming is somewhat longing. My fave, no doubt about it.

‘PX3’ starts equally slow, again with a piano sample (different notes, though), but the guitar feedback atmosphere (space whale!) is continued from ‘Pacify’. The pace does go for the crescendo and the climax of the song is perfect. (you can get the song for free right here)

‘Sawtooth rising’ is sample heavy, but there’s some very guitar (processed, I suspect) at the end that sound very cool. Moodwise, it would be a good second movement to ‘Tiger girl’, going sometimes with a similar beat.

‘The wrong shape’ and ‘Beats like a Helix’ are the ones with the heaviest electronic sensibilities, with the former going for a stop/start/ponder/gomental! cycle and latter one going into some frantic drum and bass style incursions.

They go out on a very trancey ditty called ‘Guitar cascade’. At ten minutes, it’s a great book end for the EP (and a long EP at that, I might add, 33 minutes.)

Hard to think why these songs were left out from We were exploding anyway. May be they didn’t want to put all these silver and gold eggs in the same basket and let them stand on their own feet. If so, great job. A good one-two punch from 65daysofstatic.

About the author: Finally, a 65daysofstatic album I can listen to without a bloody fire alarm going off.


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Extra rant: If there’s something I don’t get from several reviews about this latter offerings from 65daysofstatic is that they sound like The Prodigy. Chalk and cheese, I say. Each band have their own styles and are pretty good at it.

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