Liars Beware of the fuzz…

Liars Beware – The last 24 hours EP.

The skinny: A cotton swab to the timpanii. Allegedly. With fuzz.

The review proper: Pretty lo-fi and rocking effort from this band comprising members from everywhere else (Smokers Die Younger, Nature Set) and exmembers of somewhere from past yonder (Long Blondes, Navvy).

There’s something about that fuzzy tone during the chorus of ‘Sofa bed’ that’s oddly soothing, it’s a sound long gone, buried in my memories. Add to that the detached voice and you got some good old grunge baking right there. The ending feedback is a cherry in top.

Equally, the menacing ‘Knives’ is a keeper. Under two minutes, it packs shouts, harmonies (courtesy of Kathryn) and the same distortion that seems to be the signature sound for Liars Beware.

Completing the EP there’s a quick cover of The Urinals’ ‘Sex’ and the equally punky ‘Death Crash Driver’. Again, an almost spectral voice, a pounding drum and that chunky, full on distortion drive the song.

At nine minutes, can’t go wrong with the fuzzy little EP called The last 24 hours. Short and noisy, just like the non-existent doctor in my head ordered.


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