Pisco Sour Hour Presents: Glass Antenna, Audrey Horne and Pisco Sour Hour

It’s a strange thing, the situation with the Shakespeare’s. It’s a rather excellent pub with some tasty ale (I.e. anything by Acorn) but you don’t hear much about the gigs there. It befuddles me, as the music room is rather excellent and it’s not really that far from the main transport routes.

Oh, well.

Still, it was the night that Pisco Sour Hour presents returned to the fold. With a vengeance.

The first punch seemed to be a sucker punch, easily avoidable if you were prepared, but it was more of a haymaker. It was the return of Electric Tape Recorder (only in members), now called Glass Antenna, with a faster sound that retained the grit of their trippier origins, still double tapping the garage and art grooves of music. Some really enjoyable tunes here and it’s always nice to see them onstage, where they belong. ‘Tides’ opened with a proper mood, ‘Kingdom of spies’ and ‘Milk teeth’ were thoroughly massive and ‘No, no, no…’ certainly was a moody end. Check them.

A gentle tap in the shoulder that delivers…you’ve guessed it, another sucker punch! This was in the form of the very dreamy shoegaze of Audrey Horne, a band I’ve never heard about. This is probably the best reason to go to a gig when you don’t know the bands: the pleasant surprises. With a lead singer swaying away during several songs (very Hope Sandoval-ish), their sound has that otherworldly feel of shoegaze (with some amazing fretwork on bass). ‘Five minutes’, ‘Honey’ and ‘There on the other side’ were pretty ace, even if the wall of sound they delivered made the PA suffer a bit. Wait, ‘Dancing Queen’ was ace too.

And then, it happened. The people of Pisco Sour Hour took the stage and their regal show is always a fun time. The strange combination of slightly baggy stuff with slightly prog (and some jazz) always creates a befuddling look on the newcomers. It’s a hard sell, but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. I particularly enjoyed the tracks from A hammer to the camera lens (their latest release) and all I can say is: needs more sax. Awesome bass work too. I had a setlist, but it got damaged by a nectarine that exploded in my bag when it got pressed together with a Scotch egg. I wish I was making that up.

Anyways, it was a varied night, always the signature of the “Pisco Sour Hour presents” set of gigs. Let’s see what the future holds for these events. Let’s hope this cool pub gets used more often too. Quite a good place!

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Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Glass Antenna Facebook. Website.

Audrey Horne Facebook. Soundcloud.

Pisco Sour Hour FacebookWebsiteMyspaceLast.fmSoundcloudTwitter.

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