Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley

A night of noise. That’s the basic gist of what it was to be at The Harley on a Monday at the beginning of October. Three bands, different amount of members, slightly similar vein of musical preferences but not quite the same sound (although the affinity was quite evident).

Brown Brogues were quite a surprise. The drummer was having one helluva a time and you’d think he was teasing the guitar player with the little fills he threw in from time to time while still being a powerhouse. Definitely a band for people which a penchant for garage. No setlist but almost sure (67%) they played ‘Get in the car’ and ‘Don’t touch my hair’.

Milk Maid are an interesting show live. There were a couple of new songs played and they seemed to follow the line of thought that they have been expressing through their music: weightlessness, flight and freedom. This comes specially when lead singer Martin Cohen sways up and down, like a small ship floating in a stormy sea. Hearing the live versions of the songs from Yucca (review) was a great experience.

Mazes (who I had the honour to interview and see live a few months ago) were on top form as ever. Their show is always a noisy one, a throwback (arguably) to the garage lo-fi of great 90s bands like Sebadoh (who they are touring with now, wow!) or Failure. ‘Bowie knives’ got a great reception (darned well earned too) and ‘Summer hits’ and ‘These days’ also got the heads and moods bobbing up and down. It was an interesting moment when Martin from Milk Maid was invited to jam for two songs (‘No way’ ’Vampire Jive’). A 7” split with these two bands would be a very nice addition to the vinyl addiction I deny having.

A couple of new tracks were played (‘Scabs on knees’ ‘No safe words’) and that Wipers‘ cover (‘Messenger’) and by the end, you could see that music might’ve been on dark and cloudy, the smiles sported by both bands and audience members were as clear as the sky.

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Words: Sam


Brown Brogues Facebook. Bandcamp. Myspace.

Milk Maid BlogspotMyspaceFacebookTwitterSoundcloud.

Mazes WebsiteFacebookTwitterMyspaceLast.fmSpotifyInterview.

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