Stream: Thee Koukouvaya


I’ve been binging on old Dr. Who episodes. The really old ones, with the theatrical acting, ropey sets and fuzzy electronic music that sounds like a fork electrocuting a lettuce slug (in space).

I loved that music and there will come a time and place to rave about the music of old Dr. Who. I bring this to the table because of Thee Koukouvaya, an electronic duo that could pick any episode of the Patrick Troughton era and re-score it live with their dark, deep electronic grooves.

Their newest album, Ancient Race of Techno-Voyagers, is out on August 22nd, and you can listen ‘Limbic Crisis for Sparkle and Foam’ right now:

Editor’s note: if soundcloud is misbehaving, the direct link is here

You can pre-order Ancient Race of Techno-Voyagers from Fiercely Indie. 

Thee Koukouvaya Facebook. Soundcloud.

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