Stream: Thee Koukouvaya

I’ve been binging on old Dr. Who episodes. The really old ones, with the theatrical acting, ropey sets and fuzzy electronic music that sounds like a fork electrocuting a lettuce slug (in space). I loved that music and there will come a time and place to rave about the music of old Dr. Who. I bring this to the table because of Thee Koukouvaya, an electronic duo … Continue reading Stream: Thee Koukouvaya

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The Sunday Soapbox – Alien Invasions

Your superior intelligence will be your downfall

Not long ago (a month, I think) I woke up on a fine sunday morning (not like the one described by Gwen Stefani) and I asked myself “What would happen if aliens decided to invade the Earth”?

It’s a recurrent thought of mine, but then again, I don’t have a girlfriend, so I still use my brain for MY random rants.
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