Interview – Screaming Maldini

Screaming Maldini. An explosion of schizophrenic pop, where chaos has a structure and where the wall of sound is done by a proper mixing of instruments and a choral delivery, not an overdose of pedals.

This band also has a secret lair. We sent an interviewer in late November but heard back from them. Then we sent another one. Nothing. Then I went and after getting picked up by their personal chaffeur (driving the buggy from Diamonds are forever), he drove me to the secret location/Lair of Maldini. I can’t reveal much but it’s volcano shaped and near a park.

Anyways, we liked the band, specially their EP Secret Sounds(review) and also we had the pleasure of catching them at Peace in the Park (review). And so I met the band (sort of), in a darkened room. I could see shapes and someone in an executive chair looking at me while cradling a cognac (which I was offered a thimble, that’s how nice they are).

Oh, right, interview.

1) Ok, who is Maldini and why is this person screaming?

He’s a nonsense word who is excited to be included in the name of our band.

2)How was your recent tour of France with Johnny Foreigner?

Which one?! They were both bloody brilliant. The French are so hospitable, they give you all the things you want the most. Beds, food and wine and/or beer. Plus JoFo are three of our favourite people, we proper melted into a mess of indiepop love.

3)It was mentioned before on Twitter about your secret lair, could you go a little bit into the detail and Grand Designs knowledge applied to the lush interiors?

Now now. I can’t give too much away and before you go jumping to conclusions, it is not decked out in pink and white. Oh no. We like other colours too. Think along the lines of Dita Von Teese’s Parisian Apartment with dusky pinks, mottled greens and antique gold. Perhaps there is the odd Cath Kidston wallpapered feature wall.  And yes, the girls decorated. Oh? You wanted gadgets and gizmos aplenty? Top secret stuff that, sorry.

4)You’ve got two versions of your EP, one for the continent, one for the UK. Both are only tied by that  lovely song about kookaburras. Do you feel the audiences are so different you needed to do two Eps or were you testing the waters?

I don’t think there was a conscious decision to create two  different EPs, as the time between releases was so long we probably figured some new songs would be nice. Though we certainly feel the French are a bit more ready for us! Must be all the free love.

5) On that note, how are the new recordings coming along? Will it be an EP or an LP? Any chance of asking for a release date?

Album baby. As these things go, the release date keeps getting pushed back, you’re looking at May now. These journeys are rarely plain sailing and there are always learning curves but we are really excited about it. REALLY. Especially since it’s our Nick that is mixing, what a gem.

6) Question for your fashion savvy people : Corduroy, denim and trainers (converse or Vans). Yay, nay or horrible fashion gaffe?

For a gent? Are we thinking a corduroy shirt? Do they exist? I think I’m over thinking this whole thing. I’m going with NAY. YAY would have been anyone dressed like Matt Smith as Doctor Who – what a babe.

7) Fave thing about 2011 so far?

2011? …2012? I’ll give you both.

2011 was undoubtedly an average year. I’d say that Alexandra Burke coming out with “”  on The X Factor and making, let’s be honest, quite the fool out of herself was a highlight. Or possibly stealing the glass Ralph Fiennes drank out of from the establishment in which I work…

2012 is still young my friend. On a serious note, the fascination with Lana Del Rey has really got me hooked. People have been inventing stage personas for yonks, why on earth are they kicking up a fuss about poor little Lizzy Grant?

8) What is a day in the life of a member of Screaming Maldini?

Oh man. You wouldn’t believe! There’s breakfast right, and Nick has 4 Weetabix. FOUR. What a maverick. I may as well not continue as it will blow your tiny tiny mind. God. The stuff we get up to! Rock and freaking roll.

9) An oldie but goldie: influences?

Our accumulative musical upbringings have played a huge part. Gina and Nick are into singing and choirs big time, whereas Annie and Jon are orchestral pros, then Tim and Andy have been gigging in so many other different capacities, visiting genre after genre. I’d say we are all terribly well read (listened?) musicians. Fnar fnar fnar.

Shamelessly nicked from Screaming Maldini’s Facebook.

10) Really terrible one to finish the interview with, but had to ask: why pink and white?

Ok. I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s done with. Fin. BYE BYE. Though pink and white is memorable, and moreso when boys don it I reckon, we’ve road tested the rose et blanc ensembles and we feel the time has come to leave that behind. The time has come to rely on our pretty faces and for our music to shine through. We made our marshmellow-y mark and now are ready for phase two: our usual wardrobes.

11) Ok, let’s do a better “final” question: what can you tell us about your alternate projects? Any plans for 2012 for them?

We have a string of gigs coming up in Feb and March leading up to a single release and of course the album and we are hitting the secret lair big time for meetings and that planning how exactly we are going to take over the pop world. But as for alternate projects *takes in a deep breath*…

Andy is still working is socks off with Renegade Brass Band, a high energy must-dance-along ensemble. Annie has just joined a young folksy singer who I’ve heard fantastic things about, their first gig is supporting Ellen and The Escapades. Tim is still one seventh of The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles and Gina should really get her act together and get back on the classical singing. Nick is producing some seriously good bedroom recordings from some other new artists and Jon, well, Jon is just a bloody good Geordie pianist. We’re lucky to have him, pet.

Thanks and don’t throw us to the sharks.

Can’t guarantee that I’m afraid… would like to send massive thanks to Jack @ AlcoPop Records, Gina and Ben Eckserley.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López (owns four denim shirts, all hidden in a sealed box back in Mexico)

Screaming Maldini

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