Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Punks, Folkeros y el sacerdote

Nota: Si el widget no funciona, escúchalo directo en Mixcloud o descarga la app para Android o IOs. Antes que nada, muchas gracias a todos los que escucharon la emisión pasada. Si se la perdieron, siempre los estará esperando con brazos abiertos en nuestro Mixcloud. El menú de hoy: No hay enemigo más difícil para el artista que el estancamiento. Eso lo digo muy seguido … Continue reading Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Punks, Folkeros y el sacerdote

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Best albums of 2014

  Ahoy there! We have another one of them fancy lists for your reading pleasure. Since everyone and their mothers (and farmers’ mothers) have a “best of” list by now, we asked our readers and collaborators for their choices. Some heard the call and voraciously, viciously and vividly described what they enjoyed (or not – more on that later) in this year of our Lord … Continue reading Best albums of 2014

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Review : Dad Rocks! – Year of the flesh

Not only is this a very late review for a rather good album, but for all the lateness that gave leeway for a more detailed analysis, the main question remains: What genre do we put Dad Rocks! in? Folk? Too intricate for it. Baroque pop? Not enough chamber instruments, but we are getting there. Dad Rock? Well, maybe, but again, the songs’ structures are all … Continue reading Review : Dad Rocks! – Year of the flesh

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New music – May 16th, 2014

  OK, not all is “new” here, most egregious of all is the inclusion of Len‘s ‘Steal my sunshine’, but hear me out: the song will be re-released by the mighty Alcopop! Records and I’m fond of this song as it reminds me of a girl, who was called Paola, not Karen. But, yes, new music, please! Listen the post rock odes from Mexico’s Jvne, the lovely … Continue reading New music – May 16th, 2014

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Gig : Dad Rocks! and Tall Ships @ The Bowery, Sheffield

A few hours before this gig, I was interviewing Dad Rocks! and two things struck me: the wide-eyed perspective the band has about fatherhood (a central team on their great album, Mount Modern) and the extremely easy going personality they had. The interview went quite swimmingly (any band that likes Owen and Red House Painters is great in my book) and while I was setting up the camera at the front of the stage, it struck me that tonight’s pairing was indeed a very odd one. Continue reading “Gig : Dad Rocks! and Tall Ships @ The Bowery, Sheffield”