Singles Reviewed: August Actually, Burly Nagasaki, Firesuite, Wet Nuns, P.O.S., Minus The Bear

Greetings, readers! You still there? This is the first singles column we do in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaageeeeees. Fuck this “jokey” intros, you never liked them anyway.  Just like you don’t like to find a gold nugget in your strawberry Fruitella or when you find out your burrito was having an affair with a chip butty. The vinegar-ey slag! That cheap, no brand malt vinegar is the worst offence a loopy brothel inmate like me could receive.

This week’s singles come courtesy of Thrice, because they were awesome, yo!

Ah, singles, right:

August Actually – Werewolf / Vampire

So, August Actually are no longer singing sea shanties (mind you, they never intended that to be their main sound) and they released this single in August, actually reviewed by us a month late. Fuck. ‘Werewolf’ is a call and response between a woman and her beast of a lover, who I really wish is named Scott, not Jacob. Sweet song, twee at heart (we don’t consider “twee” an insult). B-side (or should it be V-side?) ‘Vampire’ continuous a jaunty folky wave of emotions, with a wordy lyrical musing. Love songs for faulty relationships (or long lost ones) with a monster twist. Eureka! – Orestes “P. is for P.C. Oltrane” Xistos

Burly Nagasaki – Mad Eyed Screamer / Slow Motion (Houses and homes mix for House vs Home)

Dissonant pop from Burly Nagasaki, in the form of the slightly schizophrenic ‘Mad eyed screamer’, which although never becomes a full holler (as the one you’d scream in a rollercoaster), it’s quite a hoot. It allegedly is a re-interpretation (i.e. cover) of an older song, but I’m attaching to this one in the meantime. Besides, there’s a banshee outside my room.  ‘Slow Motion’ is a special mix, more Fuzzy navel than Long Island Ice Tea. Poppy and slightly warbly, it eventually lift offs. It’s the stronger one of the two, that’s fer’sure. Now, where’s my cup o’ cawfee? – Sam deNiro

Wet Nuns – Why you so cold? 

Proof that there’s a lot of talent slightly hidden in the drunken shenanigans, screams and bombay mix binges, ‘Why you so cold?’ is the closest that Wet Nuns will be to writing a ballad. Mind you, in a lyrics-wise way, it’s your run of the mill spiteful Mexican love song, so I’m all over this, because I’m spiteful, I’m Mexican and I’m enjoying this. Out on vinyl, get it while it lasts. The video is amazing. – Sam Pacino

Firesuite – Undo

These babes (x5!) are back, with another single leading up to their EP Red World. ‘Undo’ continues the shoegazey otherworldliness that Firesuite has injected and grafted so well to every note they create, transform and send back to us. As always, the dual voice attack complements each other, just like a spacey guitar is complemented by a solid bass line (and taken out to drink by some pounding drums). Next single is out in October and we promise it will be reviewed before the EP is out. Pinky hoof swear. Orestes “P is Phorever Delayed” Xistos

Minus the Bear – Steel and Blood

Man, I’ve always felt the darker undercurrents in the music of Minus the Bear, but the video for ‘Steel and Blood’ takes away all sense of subtlety. The track feels safe in comparison (although Dave Knudson always offers those hypnotic guitar notes). The song meanders a bit, but does gain momentum, carrying bigger pebbles that will eventually dislodge a boulder. One of the stronger tracks from their newest album, Infinity Overhead. This single is out as a 7″ too. Sam Kilmer.

P.O.S. – Fuck your stuff

A couple of rests ago, we posted a live song by P.O.S. and here’s a brand new groovy track from this cuate, always delivering with great flow, always proving that rap is more than “bitches and 40s”. ‘Fuck your stuff’ is a very tantalising morsel of new album and I can’t wait for it to come out. C’mon, get McNulty on the case and let’s break it down to this track until the cows come home (mom?). Orestes “P is for P.O.S. fanboy”  Xistos. 

Carajo, I miss Tacos al Pastor…  Until next time, I’m Orestes Xistos and I AM THE LORD. No, wait, I’m just fat and full of lard.  See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))).


Wet Nuns WebsiteBlawg BlogTwitterSoundcloudFacebookNuthin’.

Firesuite BandcampTwitterFacebookLast.fmMyspaceSoundcloud.

August Actually

Minus The Bear

P.O.S. FacebookWebsite. Twitter.

Burly Nagasaki Myspace. Facebook.

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