Stream: Chelan – Beams

  Chelan bring the stylish California neon-and-haze flavour to electronica with their newest track, ‘Beams’. An expansive series of shockwaves push forward, unyielding, with every beat being the prelude to crystal like showers of atmospheric crescendoes. Fancy more? Well, Chelan has also released ‘Won’t Break’. Whereas ‘Beams’ conveys the glitzy darkness of the California lifestyle, ‘Won’t break’ is decisively of a sunnier disposition. ‘Beams’ and ‘Won’t Break’ are … Continue reading Stream: Chelan – Beams

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Vuvuvultures – Push/Pull


A couple of weeks ago, I descended into a pub called DAda in Sheffield and in that hazy, smokey place, I saw Vuvuvultures. Smoke machine on full, their triple inverted triangle logo, a very bright blue light and their shapes were the only clear things you could perceive visually. However, it was their sound what really captivated me, that slight clash between a light shade of industrial with the hook-heavy nature of pop. That you could perceive (and feel) clearly. Continue reading “Vuvuvultures – Push/Pull”

Pinguinö – Fases

Sitting somewhere between the Courteeners’ rhythmic guitars, Jamiroquai’s funk soul spirit and The Sounds’ blur of angsty, Scandinavian indie pop, opening track and EP moniker ‘Fases’ is a squelching, sporadic, jazz inspired slice of percussion with a retro 80’s arcade game sound. ‘Es Tu Voz’ is a mix of 80’s Hall and Oates West coast funk mixed with German Kraftwerk styled minimalist electro! All smooth … Continue reading Pinguinö – Fases

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