Crucible: In Violet, Psychic Twin, Shark Teeth, Fjord, Sylvan Esso, Mooi, Schnarff Schnarff


Crucible is our humble offering of new music. Every Friday, we aim to bring you new stuff, instead of spamming you around with a million different posts. My name is Orestes Xistos and I’ll be helping in this Shithole of a Website (TM) with singles and videos.

So send your paypal bribes and patreon donations to me, not that fat imbecile Sam.

Oh, right, singles and videos:

The haunting beats of Erin Fein, aka Psychic Twin, are so near release I can’t believe it’s happening! A very long road, with a few surprise twists, detours and rest stops! ‘Stop in time’ continues Psychic Twin‘s foray into haunting electronica, never too dancey to push for another dose of ketamine, but never gloomy enough to make Trent Reznor weep. Strange Diary  is out on Polyvinyl Records, September 9. If you pre-order from PledgeMusic, you get a lot of cool rewards!

Sylvan Esso. New Song. Hey, is this week ace or what? September, you rock so much this year! A simple beat that spirals out of control and then contracts back characterises ‘Radio’ lovely essence. Sylvan Esso has always had the finger on the pulses of pop and electronica and let’s hope a new album isn’t too far.

Sometimes the road ahead is slow, treacherous and lonely. In Violet knows this, as a three year long trek through hell and back has finally rendered a brand new album, Amber. The first new single, ‘Amber’, combines squealing glitchy guitars with a dance beat. It’s gorgeous, expansive and, dammit, I’ve ran out of adjectives. A belter? Perhaps that’s a buzzword I don’t want to use, but let’s do so. Amber is out on Bottle Imp Productions (October.)

Holy smokes! Y’all heard Fjord? The intimate ‘I get it now’, the third single from their newest album, Textures, is a gorgeous one. Not quite ambient, not entirely triphop. It flows through heavily distorted creeks, where ones and zeroes flip and flop in harmony  . Textures is out on September 16th.


Do you remember Mooi? Ages ago, we wrote about her intimate EP, full of dark songs masquerading as odes to fruits. That was a too long ago, and now ‘Black’, the brand new video of her new material brutally crashes down into dark industrial parks. Half expecting to see Eric Draven say “Victims, aren’t we all?” after this assault on the senses. Damn worth the 4 year wait. Mooi will be the opening act for Garbage‘s next visit to Mexico and I can’t think of a better pairing.


Need something rockier? Really? Well, Schnarff Schnarff peddle a bit of alt rock on the new video for ‘Flip The Cross’. “I’m having a breakdown on my own” You and me, buddy. You and me. Amazing animation in this video. The evil that we do is out September 9th on Black Dug Records. 


Finally, if you fancy some dashing synth pop, Sharks’ Teeth have just released their sexy new album today. It Transfers and Grows follows a glitchier flavour, were atmospheres gyrate towards singularities. A synth here or there might bring light; a pulsar in the vast darkness of space. (Gigantic Noise/Community Records)

That’s it, I’m outta here you greedy bastards. Have an awesome weekend!

Words: Orestes P. Coltrane Xistos.

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