Podcast : The Hibiscus Cocktail Mix

We bring you another dashingly cool music mix, this time ’round it’s all about Mexican bands, some rather well known and established, some getting a good buzz and some just starting out on this journey we call music.

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Wake up to … Mooi

So, it’s Wednesday, which always feels like the 10 minutes before lunch break/coffee break/recess/younameit. It’s a short time (allegedly) to be safe, but still, you need something to keep you going. What better way to calm your inner Hulk (SMASH!) than the soothing, dreamy sounds of Mooi‘s ‘Apple’? There might be some, but right now, this is doing the trick. You can read our review of her … Continue reading Wake up to … Mooi

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Interview – Mooi

Somewhere in México City‘s Roma Colony, where the trendy hipster and the reasonable good cross paths, I meet Renee, the singer (and creator) of Mooi. The weather is cloudy (lovely Mexican Summer…) and she invites me to come in. A lil’ whine behind a door reveals that Renee has an extremely loveable dog called Mia. With one hand scribbling in a well-worn notebook and the other petting Mia ( becoming her new chewing toy in the process), we talk about music, paintings and the universe… Continue reading “Interview – Mooi”

Entrevista – Mooi

En algún punto del corredor de la Roma, dónde lo hipster fantoche encuentra lo razonablemente bueno, me encuentro con Renee, la vocalista (y creadora) de Mooi. El clima ya esta nublado (bendito verano Mexicano) y me invita a pasar. Un gemido tras una puerta revela que Renee tiene una ultrasimpatiquísima perrita llamada Mia. Con una mano garabateando en mi libreta y con la otra acariciando/siendo mordido por Mia, hablamos de música, pinturas y el universo… Continue reading “Entrevista – Mooi”

Singles Reviewed : Maybeshewill, URSS bajo el arbol, Mooi, The Bedford Incident, The Narrows, Spring Offensive, Athena, Funeral Suits, Thelonius Rex, Partly Faithful

Greetings, readers who went to Vive Latino 2012 and fell in love at the party pit while being showered by plastic cups containing Cerveza Sol (and if it wasn’t beer, then fúchila)! Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column. Granted, some of them aren’t singles, but I liked them and made my stupid human collaborators review ’em. A huevo que sí. 

This week’s singles come courtesy of Macabre Johnson,  the conspiracy theory nutjob that lives in Weston Park, Sheffield. He keeps telling me that we are being watched with microcameras and microphones in all our gadgets and that we all are being sheepled into believing an alien invasion that is actually holograms projected in the sky. Get Scooby Doo and the gang on the case! Strangely enough, Macabre also makes a cracking cover of Muse’s ‘Dead star’ on the nose harmonica. He even gets Matt Bellamy‘s choirboy-meets-Thom Yorke tone right!

Ah, singles, right:

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