Some February gigs to look for …

February, the Tuesdays of the year. What to do? Here’s a couple of suggestions:

Carmen Ghia & The Hot Rods (Queens Social Club, February 18th.)

The first time we heard from this band was when we sneaked into the Christmas party of a swing (as in the dance, not the other type) society. The party wasn’t that good, but the band was. Support comes from Jack Rabbit Slim and The Slingshots, Dolly Go Tightly and Ben-Z.

Allo Darlin’ (Queens Social Club, February 25th

For those longing for a long bygone era where 7″ records where played by groups of friends huddled together while sharing a bag of Tropical fruit flavoured Skittles, this one is for you. Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun (no Laura Marling, thankfully). Entry: 7 squid.

Martyn (The Harley, February 25th)

If you’re more of a “bríncale, bríncale” sort of person and need to move around, then here’s something to bust a move. Entry: 5 quid.

Hookworms (The Harley, February 28th)

This gig might’ve lost one of the acts, but Hookworms alone should be a good one. Heck, we enjoyed their stuff. Entry: 5 English pesos.

Johnny Foreigner (The Harley, March 1st)

Lot of respect to this band. First, they handed that NME dude his arse back several times and second, they are pretty good. Support is from Screaming Maldini, who sadly no longer rock the white vs pink, but they do rock. And, hey, we interviewed the Maldini squad too. Should be a good one for 6 quid.

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