Interview – Screaming Maldini

Screaming Maldini. An explosion of schizophrenic pop, where chaos has a structure and where the wall of sound is done by a proper mixing of instruments and a choral delivery, not an overdose of pedals.

This band also has a secret lair. We sent an interviewer in late November but heard back from them. Then we sent another one. Nothing. Then I went and after getting picked up by their personal chaffeur (driving the buggy from Diamonds are forever), he drove me to the secret location/Lair of Maldini. I can’t reveal much but it’s volcano shaped and near a park.

Anyways, we liked the band, specially their EP Secret Sounds(review) and also we had the pleasure of catching them at Peace in the Park (review). And so I met the band (sort of), in a darkened room. I could see shapes and someone in an executive chair looking at me while cradling a cognac (which I was offered a thimble, that’s how nice they are).

Oh, right, interview.

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A pink shade of pop

Screaming Maldini – Secret Sounds That probably was the worst pun-passing-as-a-post-title this excuse for a website has tried to use. Sorry for that. Anyhoos, music, yeah. Screaming Maldini, a band wearing all pink (allegedly) and making quite a racket both on record and live (cheapo plug) have just released (a couple of months ago) their European début, Secret sounds, a short EP (only four songs) … Continue reading A pink shade of pop

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