Invitation – Baptists and Bootleggers launch

We cordially invite you the launch (free!) of Baptists & Bootleggers , a label combining the forces of Music, Arts and Literature deftly into a mammoth release.

Which is a vinyl package that includes beautiful artwork, an angelic white vinyl with music from Go Lebanon, Dafydd Jones (aka Crown the Wolf), Stagger, Veí and Borland. What else is inside this beautiful package? Writings, some artwork and maybe a special something from Veí too. We can’t reveal too much because we promised not to.

We also promised to tell you this event will take place at Islington Mill, Salford on February 9.

Oh, and the package (vinyl, art and literature) is free. So check out some ace bands and get a free vinyl. It’s like Christmas but more religious and with less cumbersome relatives.


Baptists & Bootleggers Website. Facebook. Twitter.

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