Invitation: Low Duo’s EP launch

Time sure flies when you’re watching life fritter away from the window sill. It was less than a year ago that we saw Low Duo at Pete David and The Payroll Union‘s Haymageddon. Heck, they are now called The Payroll Union (still an ace band).

So, in one year, Low Duo have released 3 EPs and played everywhere, including an ace set with Anna Calvi. We’ve reviewed all of their EPs (uno, dos*, catorce, tres) and we’re quite fond of their music, even if it sometimes our writing feels like it’s not doing justice to their minimal but loud (emotions-wise) music.

We cordially invite you to their EP launch on February 3 at The Great Gatsby (right there in a corner of Division street). Entry is 5 quid, opening acts are Dan Williamson and James Ewan Tait. Extra perks? You can buy the album before release date (Feb. 6), they might (def maybe) play a cover of The Walkmen  and you get to listen to these nice ditties live and raw, as Jebus/Gilmour/Adams/God/Dawkins intended. So go forth and listen.

Low Duo BandcampTwitterFacebookMyspace.

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