Low Duo – The EP of Truth and Regret

Stream – ‘Ambulance’

Low Duo return to the breach once more (dear friends) with another gloomy collection of track (five is their lucky number). The EP of Truth and Regret continues the dread-filled atmosphere from the previous EPs, but there’s a couple of new tricks being shuffled around this time around.

‘Ambulance’ starts the album with a bang. A story between a paramedic and a victim (who it seems doesn’t make it), it’s a song out of a modern age grimoire. “She’s the girl I couldn’t save”, regretfully declares Leigh (vocals), sounding like a modern day Nicolas Cage in Bringing out the dead. That theme of regret, perfectly encapsulated in the minimalistic opener.

Guitarrist Adam Greenwood works wonders. He really has the hard task of creating a whole spectrum of sounds with a guitar and a combination of arpeggios and chords and it works wonders on ‘In our little house’, a mournful one that ends suddenly. No warnings at all. ‘Sleep alone’ is slightly cheerier, though, even if the weather prediction is a definite overcast sky.

‘Secret matters’ has an almost upbeat rhythm to it, but the moody lyrics show the true colours of it. It has some really enjoyable guitar riffs here (a slide, a playful arpeggio, palm mutings) that make it go a step further from the other four tracks. And it’s a happier, shiny moment before the heartwrenching ‘Waltz with her’. A song about lost youth and what you did before (I think) not being approved by your current self. Maybe overanalyzing it, but then again, there’s the theme of “regret” in both the title and in the emotions being displayed here…

Music is always an expression of feelings; it’s what the heart pours into any musical instrument we invest time to learn how to handle (not even play or master). If there’s a trademark for Low Duo is that they will make the soundtrack for those introspective, downcast moments in our life (we all have our low seasons) and The EP of Truth and Regret feeds from those emotions and puts a nice lil’ soundtrack to them.

Words: Sam

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