Invitation: Sheffield Sizzler

The lovely people of Sheffield Theatres and Sheffield Hallam Union Events Management have joined forces (like Alushe and Tinieblas!) to bring you an exciting event called Sheffield Sizzler, which will happen in this fair city on Friday, May 25th. Continue reading “Invitation: Sheffield Sizzler”

Invitation: Low Duo’s EP launch

Time sure flies when you’re watching life fritter away from the window sill. It was less than a year ago that we saw Low Duo at Pete David and The Payroll Union‘s Haymageddon. Heck, they are now called The Payroll Union (still an ace band). So, in one year, Low Duo have released 3 EPs and played everywhere, including an ace set with Anna Calvi. We’ve … Continue reading Invitation: Low Duo’s EP launch

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By the Rolling Sea

 Live review: Vetiver @ Komedia, Brighton, 28.06.11
Supported by: Chris T-T, Marques Toliver

Vetiver’s Andy Cabic @ Big Sur, 2011

This unreliable ‘reporter’ (of sorts) will have to hold my hands up and apologise because I managed to miss the first support act of the evening, Chris T-T, whilst I was grappling with the public transport systems in Brighton. Sorry Chris!

However I did make it to Komedia in time to see the second support act, Marques Toliver who is originally from New York but is now based in London. Toliver has an incredible, soulful voice with a huge vocal range. He plays charmingly honest lo-fi songs, using only his voice and a violin/glockenspiel, and at points comes down off the stage to sing and play without mics. Toliver has an engaging personality, but mostly it’s his expressive voice that has won over the audience this evening.
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“I could’ve brought two guitars, but then there wouldn’t have been enough room for all my problems”

Live Review: Ryan Adams, An Acoustic Performance – The Dome, Brighton, 22.06.11
Supported by Jesse Malin

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“What’s the best thing about dating 21 year olds?”

Review: Frimston & Rowett @ Raynor Lounge, 26.03.11

Tonight the Raynor Lounge plays host to Rob Frimston and Ed Rowett who comprise a London-based comedy sketch outfit somewhat aptly named ‘Frimston & Rowett’. The two met whilst studying at Cambridge University and have previously performed with the Cambridge Footlights and garnered critical acclaim from the co-creator of Red Dwarf amongst others.

There is a half decent amount of people here tonight and it’s nice to see that people are interested in new, young comedy acts and that not every comedian/comedic outfit have to have been shoved in our face repeatedly by their latest BBC THREE programme before the general public are willing to actually go out and watch them perform live.

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Graceless ending to a lovely evening

Live Review: Cats:For:Peru EP launch + Japanese Sleepers @ The Bowery, 25.03.11

After managing to rope in an old friend to come out with me, I get to The Bowery in high spirits. I’ve been meaning to catch a Cats:For:Peru show for way too long now, so what better way to kick things off than with the launch of their new EP?
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Go ahead, you can laugh all you want…

Gig Review: Ben Folds @ o2 Academy 26.02.11

Ok so, I know it’s almost a month after the fact (blame my dissertation for this) but I just wanted to do a little ditty about the Ben Folds gig I went to last month.

My whole family loves Mr Folds, so my ‘little’ brother and I decided to fork out the hefty £25 for a ticket to see the fella live in Sheffield. Seeing as we’d both seen him a coupla times before, we knew it would be worth it in the end…
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Vitality & Magnetism

Live Review: Hey Sholay, Supported by The Book Club, & Seize the Chair @ The Forum 09.02.11

I’ll dispense with the boring introduction.

First up is Sheffield-based band Seize The Chair, who play an enjoyable brand of chugging geek rock with a distinctly British feel. With a swift drummer, some distortion (talk to Sam about this, he’s the expert) and a really fun, riotous frontman, Seize the Chair got the crowd suitably warmed up and slopping beer down themselves – always a good sign.
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