A downbeat smile

Low Duo – The EP of hope and despair

The Skinny: They did warn us.

The review proper: But we still listened. And repeated.

Stream – ‘It was you and me’

Low duo is formed by the Greenwood brothers, Adam (guitar) and Leigh (vocals). With a name like that for a band, you can expect that moods will be bleak and yes, they are. ‘It was you and me’ has so much longing in it that you forget it’s only two brothers, one armed with a guitar, the other with his great pipes, doing one great racket. A quiet racket. That, just doesn’t make sense, but I hope the stream of the song made you come up with a better slice of hyperbole.

‘Fifteen years’ is also pretty sad, but it’s intertwined with a lot of aggressiveness, it’s a song where bitterness rises like foam towards the surface and all that pent-up anger is coming in waves. This is a contrast to ‘Like a fly’, the sweet number in the EP that seems to be trapped. It’s a moment of happiness, maybe just sweetening the pill for what’s to come.

‘I want to die on the moon’ changes instrumentation for only a synth (sounding like a calliope I think?) and the sound of the wind in the distance. “Some people will rise / and I want to die in the moon”. It’s as stark as they come and the deepest emotional trench in the EP*. But fret no, ‘House on the hill’, with its rapids pace is that glimmer of some better things coming soon. Such are the cycles in life: valleys and peaks. So enjoy the peak that is this EP closer, ‘House on the hill’.

Just five songs and although the emotion seems to be in hues of purple, mauve and blue, there is a glimpse of a smile here and there. Oh, and they’ve got another EP coming up in May, called The EP of Fear and Failure. There has to be some gallows’ humour thing going here.


*But somehow it made me think of Willzyx and Tom Cruise. Just go with it.


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