Feelin’ Downcast

Low Duo – The EP of Fear and Failure

Low Duo released their second EP entitled ‘The EP of Fear and Failure’ (the first being called ‘The EP of Hope & Despair’). The EP, at its most basic form, is lo-fi electric guitar strumming and distorted vocals.

The songs are stripped down and bare, even desolate. And the lyrics are downbeat and somewhat melancholic. Opener, ‘No Happier’ sets the tone of the EP with its bleak verses and grabbing, angrier chorus building tension throughout the song. Perhaps a little more musically (if not lyrically) upbeat is EP closer ‘Of All The Girls’ which has some detailed guitar picking and stirring falsetto vocals.

The EP is pretty bleak so it’s not one for the incessantly cheerful, but it has a cool lo-fi sound and showcases some promising song-writing talent. Overall, there’s no need for the long face lads, you’ll be reet.

Words: Misky.

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