Milk Maid – Mostly No

A while ago, Milk Maid‘s Martin Cohen gave us an interview and he mentioned “A reverb pedal might try to simulate how a room sounds but doesn’t quite get it, and I like the reverberation of a room, specially for vocals.Continue reading “Milk Maid – Mostly No”

Interview – Milk Maid

It was a neither dark nor stormy night in Sheffield. The Harley was going to host a night of fuzz drenched garage (review) and an offer for an interview with Milk Maid‘s Martin Cohen had been offered by their lovely label, FatCat Records. 

I meet Martin Cohen by the bar and we haphazardly get ourselves placed in the entrance of the Harley hotel, where it was supposedly quieter. Sadly, the recorded interview sounds garbled and slightly distant, which in hindsight feels like one of their songs; full reverb on, ghostly voices and a crunchy fuzz. Continue reading “Interview – Milk Maid”

Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley

A night of noise. That’s the basic gist of what it was to be at The Harley on a Monday at the beginning of October. Three bands, different amount of members, slightly similar vein of musical preferences but not quite the same sound (although the affinity was quite evident). Continue reading “Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley”