Review: Ultimate Painting – Dusk

  I keep mistyping their name as “Intimate Painting”. It’s a Freudian slip, really. Dusk is the third Ultimate Painting, a well-oiled psychedelic folk machine made up from Jack Cooper and James Hoare . Both come from severely underrated bands, Mazes and Veronica Falls. What first brought me into their world is how their writing styles melted together. Ultimate Painting had enough distorted moments to jolt you from your zoning out, but then you could float back into … Continue reading Review: Ultimate Painting – Dusk

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30 days, 30 bands – #29 Tye Die Tapes

Right, not an actual band, but a label that was doing something very different. Bored stiff with the scene (hate that word) in Sheffield, Adam Zejma and James Levitt ventured into that white husk overlooking the blue devastation called Decathlon and that dive bar infected by racists, Lord Nelson. From 2010 until 2016, that upper floor in that corner building caught between Sylvester Street and Arundel … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #29 Tye Die Tapes

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Wake up to Mazes

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy this pretty nifty band and it’s been a while (2 months) since I’ve written about them. Since the cheque has cleared, I thought about re-posting this video. Just kidding about the cheque. We won’t sell out. Not because of principles, but because nobody wanted to bribe us. But back to Mazes. They are currently touring the … Continue reading Wake up to Mazes

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Gig: Mazes – Birthdays, Dalston 28/02/2013

Photos: Steadman Gbajumo

The anticipation in the room ranged from the absolute maximum (myself as well as large portions of the crowd) right down to the seemingly bare minimum as the crowd waited for noisy London/Manchester DIY indie trio Mazes to take the stage at Birthdays in Dalston, East London on the last date of their February tour.

Continue reading “Gig: Mazes – Birthdays, Dalston 28/02/2013”

Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)

Tramlines 2012. It was a long experience as somehow I thought I could manage to get as many bands as I could if I did half-sets.

I probably shouldn’t plan gig attendances while surrounded by chemicals in the analytical lab.

In the spirit of inside jokes (I.e. the quest of the perfect name for a label), here’s my caffeine-fuelled review. Continue reading “Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)”

Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley

A night of noise. That’s the basic gist of what it was to be at The Harley on a Monday at the beginning of October. Three bands, different amount of members, slightly similar vein of musical preferences but not quite the same sound (although the affinity was quite evident). Continue reading “Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley”