The Hope Explosion – EP

I remember seeing this band live during Tramlines (2011), and I can truly confirm the band members have chosen wisely the perfect name, as it is a blast of sounds that creates a blanket that slowly (but surely) tangles you and brightens that little part of you, the one that will make you feel optimistic.

Here we have then The Hope Explosion, the ones who create songs that should be in your ‘catharsis’ playlist; there’s more to life than routine, and here’s a proof of that. So, this band full of talent and genius ideas have released a new EP including 3 tracks that are ready to blow your mind.

Two guitars, a voice and brilliant drumming integrate the lineup that has been able of creating a balance between self-restraint and final explosion of the self. This feeling is conveyed through changing structures, riffs that repeat to then give an interesting twist that rises to wake up your ears, and then arrive right to the center of your chest. The voice in this band is honest, clean, and always accurate and a quiet, yet extremely powerful, color that complements perfectly the rest of the other three ideas.

These are organic sounds that pass through several pedals, which may seem nothing but aids, and become the peaks of these tunes, like the turn or deviation to that straight path made of harmonies. Drums present classic rock riffs as the main basis, however, this may become like quicksand as they change at will. Time signatures are tricky and create a colorful / dark scenario (I like dualities very much, thank you!). ‘The Bored and Broken Hearted Pt. 2’, which is track 3, becomes the perfect example for this description: twists everywhere in the song starting from a base riff, a constant pounding and swing-like sensation that becomes in its second part a slow and quiet hall to prepare yourself for the big explosion.

‘Gone’, track 2, delivers a gliding sensation, yet full of obstacles (if thesis and antithesis shared the same area, this riff would be how this encounter may sound). At this point, you may want to close your eyes. Right after the half of the song, there’s a guitar solo and echoed voice that would resemble the magic of a perfect sunset to then be stringed to a prolonged introduction to the end, where we find guitars altered to prolong their gravity; this is a set that somewhat reminded me to Jeff Garber’s ‘Joy Circuit’ song endings (massive!).

So yeah, I think this review started backwards, as we pass now to the first track called ‘Get her’. Drumming is a blast here. It has been my general impression that, if compared to a universe, then drums are the sun and the two guitars are the surrounding planets. Drums are the magnet that moderates or gives way to the cathartic motifs of guitars, and even of the voice. This track includes also some retro guitar riffs giving that extra touch to the band’s style: you know the basics, so play with them. The notes here seem to talk about a self-restraining guitar riff that suddenly loosens and decides it’s just about time to go wild (yeah!).

Accurate and sharp notes, a dynamic mix of talents and shared ideas that become the moment you give in to good things. This is the output when you have three honest souls making their hearts speak up, loud and clear.

Words: Tonan.

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