“I could’ve brought two guitars, but then there wouldn’t have been enough room for all my problems”

Live Review: Ryan Adams, An Acoustic Performance – The Dome, Brighton, 22.06.11
Supported by Jesse Malin

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A Dark Summer

Review: Bonobo – Black Sands

Over a pint of winter-themed cider, I was sat in the pub with some folks from the Sloucher head office and we were heatedly discussing the ‘End of Year Lists’ for the site.

You see, although Sloucher could probably profess to being ‘quirky’ in almost every respect, when it comes to the hot topic of making lists we’re out there with the best (worst?) of ‘em. Our motto: Occasionally give into peer pressure.

Anyway, without giving too much away (well, ok, giving a little bit away) the subject of Bonobo came up. Now, I for one immediately thought, “Yup yup, Zero-7-ish chill out Ibiza not interested” but my co-worker kept insisting that this was something I was blatantly ignorant to and missing out on. So in the end I gave into peer pressure and have since been eating my thoughts.

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Interview: Heavy Young Heathens

Here at Sloucher towers a buzz went around the office; at first it was a quiet murmuring punctuated with swift gulps of coffee and then it culminated in the loud garage rock psychedelia that is Heavy Young Heathens’ recently released new EP Make Room for the Youth. We geeks at Sloucher were lucky enough to quiz the band on the new EP, being happily ‘unsigned’, releasing free music for fans, and their evolving sound…

Can you introduce yourselves for our readers? The well known journalistic resource and fact-checking-machine of Wikipedia says that you’re brothers?

HYH: Don’t believe everything that you read! But yes, it’s true. I am Robert and my brother is Aron. Together we are known as Heavy Young Heathens. Thanks for having us Sloucher…

You make quite a racket! However did your mother put up with you both?

HYH: Oddly enough, our troublesome ways were encouraged by both our parents. We are a loud lot the four of us…

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July Rain

Laura Veirs and The Hall of Flames @ Komedia, Brighton 15.08.10
                                       Support: Karl Blau, Led To Sea

Laura Veirs’ latest album ‘July Flame’ was described by Colin Meloy as “The best album of 2010” and if you’ve already heard this delicate and pensive record from the unique singer-songwriter, then it’s not hard to see why.

I was lucky enough to see Laura Veirs sometime around 2006/7 (I forget!) where she was touring solo, just one woman and her guitar, and I came away feeling light-headed with joy. Consequently I had high expectations for the new tour where I would be able to hear the songs that I’ve grown to love in plump, plush sound played by the entire band.
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Yodelling Hillbillies/Kindred Symphonies



As a professed fan of the psyc-folk phenomenon I still can’t help but roll my eyes when something, someone, some band, come ‘Devendra Banhart approved’. Don’t get me wrong I love the rambling lunatic as much as the next person (he’s an alt-jesus prophet for a worrying proportion of music lovers) but the assumption that everything he touches turns to gold dust is a  fragment of a somewhat skewed reality.

But then again, Vetiver aren’t just gold dust, they are a thousand gold bullions buried in a forgotten hurricane shelter, a thousand memories of folk-bands gone by, sculpted into the enlightened, liberal new-wave folk musicians they are today…
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Bored?….How about it?

Now, it’s not often we at Sloucher HQ do previews for gigs or events but we felt that this deserved a special mention due to the fact that sadly, we will not be able to attend – but why spoil the fun for everyone else??! Featuring, “One of the most energetic and crowd pleasing local bands I’ve seen live ” (direct quote PM) Shake Aletti, who managed to … Continue reading Bored?….How about it?

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