Review: New Ghost – Burning Out EP

Remember The Fifth Element?If your memories are sketchy, there’s a sequence where Gary Oldman reasons that chaos and destruction are what fuel creation and prosperity. It’s a strange sequence that defines his character and manages to let the actor portray a pompous arms dealer whose ego seals his fate. He was right, though. Destruction does fuel creation and after the dissolution of Firesuite, a Sheffield … Continue reading Review: New Ghost – Burning Out EP

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Review (sort of): Game of Thrones – Kill the Boy

Whew! It’s been a while, I skipped reviewing the past episodes not only because I was saving the world from Salamander aliens that were led by a curiously strange looking Jane Badler, but also because I had writer’s block. Or is it writers’ block? If it were writer’s block, it would mean only ONE writer is blocked, whereas writers’ block is more of a democratic … Continue reading Review (sort of): Game of Thrones – Kill the Boy

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Review – National Skyline – Love letters for the disenchanted

Editorial Update: We now have an interview with Mr. Garber. Read it here. I loved the many lives of Jeff Garber. Castor, Year of the Rabbit, The Joy Circuit and of course, National Skyline. After a serious streak of music for MTV and films, National Skyline perfected in Love letters for the disenchanted their pop sensibilities without losing that elegant panache that they’ve treated us … Continue reading Review – National Skyline – Love letters for the disenchanted

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Vuvuvultures – Push/Pull


A couple of weeks ago, I descended into a pub called DAda in Sheffield and in that hazy, smokey place, I saw Vuvuvultures. Smoke machine on full, their triple inverted triangle logo, a very bright blue light and their shapes were the only clear things you could perceive visually. However, it was their sound what really captivated me, that slight clash between a light shade of industrial with the hook-heavy nature of pop. That you could perceive (and feel) clearly. Continue reading “Vuvuvultures – Push/Pull”

Re:View Idlewild – The Remote Part

Some albums strike a chord in the heart of individuals more than others. There are those that shake us to our bones, the metaphorical dirt and dust of our souls shook clean, leaving us clean and bright. Others are akin to a fire, illuminating and warming us. Of course the flipside to this analogy is that like a fire, these albums can eventually die out, leaving ashes, darkness and a feeling of cold in it’s place. Continue reading “Re:View Idlewild – The Remote Part”