Flying crane (from the hood)

The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles – Let’s begin now

It is amazing just how words can come so easily, like flowing from your fingers into  a computer keyboard or driving your wrist to draw contours that become words on a piece of paper. It is funny how this same phenomenon may come uninvited during the delicate process of listening to music, and when music and ideas flow simultaneously, then it is the moment when I realize musicians really spoke their souls out loud and lent the listener their vision of the world for a period of time that goes as far as one-track’s length.

The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles comes as a relentless experiment based on classical instruments (mainly strings) and altered (or complemented) by electric sounds, hip hop rhythms with angry lyrics or given delicate wings through the language and tenderness of a female voice to wrap the listener softly.

Vol 1: Let’s Begin Now contains 6 tracks that become a tapestry made of several moods and colors, being the puzzle that leads to an apocalyptic landscape.

Waves crash like walls of dogs’ prepares the listener, with a hint of complex and layered music laid out carefully to the last detail, until it finally bursts with Hip Hop (the brilliant type). A display of strings in the bridge that works as the typical sampling or guitar distortion we could expect from any Hip Hop track becomes the first seal of creativity, which translates into the final days of forced conformity.

The first piece of the puzzle has been set, then the next junction comes to create a second leg to let us run away: ‘Crossing the Sleeping City’, a string-centered track describing the most lonely place, a dark alley and torturous, fast gait to run away from invisible fiends. Then a piano, which fills the atmosphere with a little color of improvisation and sax following no one but itself. The bridge becomes the convergence point of all of the music instruments that are just following their own wills. Certain motion given to this track confirms to my ears this composition goes beyond DJing experimentation, tending to become a deeper thought translated into classical music structures.

105mm (Ka-Chunk!)‘, the third piece: this will be certainly the one with the blood of the landscape and it scared me to death the first time I listened to it: a deep sampled voice and violins in the style of a famous scene involving a shower, a knife and a loony. Number three becomes the chaos (achieved through violins),  record scratching and asymmetric tempos. All elements converge in confusion, which is eventually calmed down by a deep voice, which introduces a third part to the track and becomes the runaway.

Again a deep yet quiet and inviting voice, like the rain after the riot is over: the one that heals wounds and puts the fire off, where survivors sit and cry their biggest loss or trauma. The female voice floating carelessly through strings, drums, electric guitar and organ gives wings to the sublime moment of rain and sun opening with blue skies. This piece of the landscape is the grey and blue paint of this sky. This is ‘Cast Off’.

M.I.Loki’s Chinchbug Mix’ is the slap on our faces after the magic is gone. There’s again this complex idea developed in more than 3 layers of musical elements: 100% of electronic music with that beautiful and incidental sound of a flute and sampled dialogues; another piece to this complex apocalypse.

The last track, which is ‘Kid Kanevil’s 8th Black Tentacle Remix’, doesn’t give a happy or clear conclusion to the story like an “and they lived happily ever after” ending, but goes deeper into our feelings and perspectives with aggressive sounds and perfect balance of strings and electronic music. This is just to say: “to be continued”.

The puzzle we get is better explained through the senses of each careful listener that gives it time. For me it turned out to be a highly creative mix of classical organic instruments and technology, as the perfect auditory representation of the meaning of “contemporaneous.” A melting pot that includes classical sounds but is eager enough to draw over these bar lines new signs set for the intervention of technology and new vocal styles.

I dare to say again that The Legend of the 7 Tentacles becomes a relentless exploration that goes beyond DJing and classical music, it has transformed into a new species in the catalogue to backup the new directions of music.

Words: Tonan.

Links:Bandcamp. Myspace. Facebook. Twitter.

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