Stream: Firesuite – Edge of the Earth

Sheffield‘s Firesuite have been steadfastly providing spacey shoegaze/post hardcore music for a few years now and we’ve been eagerly waiting for new material. So we are pretty happy to bring you the brand new Firesuite single, ‘Edge of the Earth’, from their upcoming album, Outlive your body, which drops later this year. ‘Edge of the Earth’ was recorded at Old Pig Farm Studios in the … Continue reading Stream: Firesuite – Edge of the Earth

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Review: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


Ahoy, fellas! Since I’m waiting with bated breath for the final episode of season 4 of Game of Thrones, I realised I was really looking forward to the terrible violence that will ensue. You could say I wanted violence beyond violence. Ah, you could say I want some… Ultraviolence?

My editor, knowing full well that I have “a thing” for Lizzie Grant, aka the yang to Lana Del Rey‘s yin (not ying), managed to get his pal Rollo Tomasi to send him a reviewer’s copy of this album because fuck trying to get it from the label. So, grab a peppermint chamomile tea and read my in depth gushing of the new Lana Del Rey joint.

Oh, and spoilers… A RANT:  Continue reading “Review: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence”

Pinguinö – Fases

Sitting somewhere between the Courteeners’ rhythmic guitars, Jamiroquai’s funk soul spirit and The Sounds’ blur of angsty, Scandinavian indie pop, opening track and EP moniker ‘Fases’ is a squelching, sporadic, jazz inspired slice of percussion with a retro 80’s arcade game sound. ‘Es Tu Voz’ is a mix of 80’s Hall and Oates West coast funk mixed with German Kraftwerk styled minimalist electro! All smooth … Continue reading Pinguinö – Fases

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Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge

The problem with varied line-ups is not the lack of cohesiveness, but predicting the response from the public. It was a semi-cold Friday in Sheffield and Bungalows and Bears was teeming with people. Continue reading “Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge”

Dan Sartain – Too Tough To Live

A while ago we talked you about motherfucking Dan Sartain and his rockabilly ways. We did. Now, just because we sneaked into FatCat‘s secret vaults, realised we were supposed to turn left in Albuquerque and then go into One Little Indian ‘s vaults instead, we pillaged it and reviewed his newest album, Too tough to live, which barely manages to hit 20 minutes but still gives you 13 rocking songs. Continue reading “Dan Sartain – Too Tough To Live”