Grouper – The man who died in his boat

Liz Harris, aka Grouper, has always managed to paint the bleakest landscapes with music. Her newest album, The Man Who Died in his Boat, continues the tradition, delivering the musical equivalent of a J.W.M. Turner : slightly blurry, awe inspiring and reminiscent of the treacherous sea. The Man Who Died in his Boat isn’t exactly your normal dream pop album. It takes the shoegaze approach … Continue reading Grouper – The man who died in his boat

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Patti Smith and her Band Manchester Academy 07/09/2012

Personal Reflections.

It’s 10:26 pm and a 65 year old mother of two, who is also a widow, has been on the stage for an hour and a half. The Academy is steaming hot. Patti Smith has taken her jacket off. Running her hands through her hair she smiles, her eyes twinkle, “ I haven’t finished with you yet “ she declares and launches into ‘Rock and Roll Nigger’. Continue reading “Patti Smith and her Band Manchester Academy 07/09/2012”

Review: Patti Smith @ Manchester

I’m going to start this post with a story.

In the early nineteenth century there was a young woman who worked as a laundress, travelling from remote farmsteads to small hamlets, helping the housewives with their monthly wash. Her long fingered hands were raw from lye. Her arms were mottled and powerful from the scrubbing in cold water and the wringing of sheets. At one of these farms she met a young shepherd. “That’s the man I’m going to marry” she said to herself, and four years later she did. They ran on their own flock of hardy sheep on the mountain, and took on a smallholding. They had two children, a boy and a girl. Continue reading “Review: Patti Smith @ Manchester”

Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)

Tramlines 2012. It was a long experience as somehow I thought I could manage to get as many bands as I could if I did half-sets.

I probably shouldn’t plan gig attendances while surrounded by chemicals in the analytical lab.

In the spirit of inside jokes (I.e. the quest of the perfect name for a label), here’s my caffeine-fuelled review. Continue reading “Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)”