The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

Oceania. I’d hate to say this is a return to form because… who the fuck knows what is the “form” of Smashing Pumpkins? They’ve changed in every single album, tackling psychedelia, shoegaze, prog, experimental, concept albums and metal. No album resembles the previous and I for one am grateful of a band that always mutates so much while still keeping those atmospheres and those lyrics. Continue reading “The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania”

Sad Accordions – A bad year for the Sharons

Sooo… all begins here. Clever Slouchers will know that Messrs. Valdés López and How go a little weak at the knees when Seth Woods (Whisky Priest /Sad Accordions) hang some tunes out on the line and let ‘em float among us mere mortals. Well, hailing from Austin, Texas, gives the Accordions a head start I guess so when we drift into ‘It’s a New Day’ you know … Continue reading Sad Accordions – A bad year for the Sharons

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Interview – Eric & Magill

Eric & Magill are Eric and Ryan, veterans from an awesome band called Camden. Ryan is also one of the driving forces in that band Decibully (part or Polyvinyl’s roster of awesomeness). So we (Tonan and Sam) decided to gather some courage and send them a few questions, the ones they very courteously answered.

(streaming ‘You make it so good’)

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Floating endlessly under the stars

Amusement Parks on Fire – Road eyes

Stargazers, that’s how Amusement Parks on Fire have defined themselves, not shoegazers. This really strikes me as surprise because every time I listen to them I feel like turning my head up to the sky (or the ceiling, it basically depends where am I at that moment). I’m not sure if that movement comes from their high pitched-tone songs or because there’s certain hidden optimistic message behind their songs. Still, I wonder.

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