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The Twilight Sad – Acoustic EP

Stream ‘The Wrong Car’

I have history with The Twilight Sad: their music has been the soundtrack of some rather unpleasant experiences in my life, but also some of the best ones.

Between their impossibly heavy sound and very heartfelt, honest lyrics, there’s always something that stays with you, lingering, haunting you, perhaps hovering over like a bad memory or a feeling you thought it was buried (dunno why but ‘Reflection of the Television’ makes me think of my childhood).

Anyways, The Twilight Sad is a band that keeps evolving and is never afraid to re-visit a song and take a whole different spin on it. They did it before on Here it never snowed; Afterwards it did and now they are offering a collection of seven acoustic renditions (all done by guitarist Andy and lead singer James)  for almost free, just by giving up an email address.

These 7 songs are comprised from Forget the night ahead  tracks, one cover of Wedding Present (‘Suck’) and an acoustic version of ‘The Car’ (from last year’s 12″ single).

It’s strange that a band that is so great loud and live can achieve the same powerful experience completely unplugged. Particular favourites on this collection are ‘The Wrong Car’, ‘Suck’ (amazing cover, check the video) and ‘Seven years of letters’.

If ‘I became a prostitute’ was a very heartwrenching story, listening to it in acoustic form drives the point further home. Somehow, it becomes more powerful. ‘That birthday present’ and ‘The Wrong Car’ might be missing the pounding drumming (another amazing live staple of the band), but they are a welcome alternate view of great songs.

It’s basically a free EP the band’s giving away. Check it out to see a softer (but still blunt) side of The Twilight Sad. Listen to it while reading an Iain M. Banks book (goes perfect like red wine and brie!) and immerse into the sound of this Scottish powerhouse.

Get your copy here.



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About the author: Hey, we’ve interviewed them twice. Check out how I got to talk about everything but their music in a very geeky interview and a short but sweet email Q & A.

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