Best albums of 2014

  Ahoy there! We have another one of them fancy lists for your reading pleasure. Since everyone and their mothers (and farmers’ mothers) have a “best of” list by now, we asked our readers and collaborators for their choices. Some heard the call and voraciously, viciously and vividly described what they enjoyed (or not – more on that later) in this year of our Lord … Continue reading Best albums of 2014

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Interview – The Twilight Sad

Here’s a no-brainer: We love The Twilight Sad here at the site (specially the Frog and his Pals, as you can see from the illustration by our pal Miller) and The Wrong Car 12″ has blown our socks off all the way back to the shop we nicked them from (a goal in life complete, I guess).

We decided to send the band a couple of questions by email, which were answered by James (vocals) and Andy (guitar). We’ve already interviewed them in July, after their show in Tramlines, and now the time was ripe for a spot of catch up…

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An interview with Sheffield’s greatest monkey

Interview – Jonny Sock

(no, he ain’t from the Arctic…)

Our previous online editor, Orestes, was killed by the minions of the Angel of the North (true story, I have the video to prove it!), but waaaaaaay before that unfortunate incident (see what I did there? tee hee), he/she/it managed to get an interview with equally dead sock monkey Jonny Sock in the now soon to be deceased The Grapes.

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The Right Wasp in the Wrong Factory

The Skinny: The Twilight Sad. New EP. What do you need, a reverberated diagram?

The Review Proper: You want more reasons? It’s some proper music, yo!

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The Sunday Soapbox

The sad end of a mysoginist.

(or is it?)

As Quinto stumbled through Penistone road after doing another fatty blunt-batastic, he thought that it all was a little too silly for his liking.

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The Sunday Soapbox – Alien Invasions

Your superior intelligence will be your downfall

Not long ago (a month, I think) I woke up on a fine sunday morning (not like the one described by Gwen Stefani) and I asked myself “What would happen if aliens decided to invade the Earth”?

It’s a recurrent thought of mine, but then again, I don’t have a girlfriend, so I still use my brain for MY random rants.
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N.E.R.D. vs. G.E.E.K.

First of all, talking about N.E.R.D. is talking about Hip-Hop and Rap, so why don’t I start there? Because today it is all about dubstep (and stuff) and no one doesn’t really understand where that came from.

Oh well, since every guy that “seems to know” about electronic music is talking about genres, I’m going to skip that part.  And no, I don’t have to mention who the hell is N.E.R.D. (speaking of which, it isn’t even written that way) and who in the world the members are. No, I’m not going to talk trash and speak in slang.

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That day, it drizzled before the interview

The Twilight Sad – Interview

The Twilight Sad is pretty particular beast. They swagger some great music, coupled with a visual motif in most fof their albums’ artwork. After a very intense show in Tramlines 2010, I was set to interview them and, frankly, was worried about this. Some of their videos and album covers might look like a good, optimistic day in Iain Banks (!) head,  but the band are quite cheerful, if a bit nesh, but still a nice bunch. They look knackered ( I later find out they had a broken tyre on their way to Sheffield) but still ask if I’m okay to wait for them to get stuff from the stage to their van.

I meet James Graham (vocals) inside the Sheffield city hall. He’s taking some buckfast (for medicinal purposes, of course), telling me about this drink being frowned upon in Glasgow as it is assumed that only criminals drink it. I joke about the owner of a booze shop giving me “the eye” for asking for buckfast. We talk a bit before the interview, telling him that I got to know the band from their track in Saints’ Row 2. I also mention that buckfast was a cheat code in Grand Theft Auto 2 but I remember that we should be talking about music…

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