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Review: Frimston & Rowett @ Raynor Lounge, 26.03.11

Tonight the Raynor Lounge plays host to Rob Frimston and Ed Rowett who comprise a London-based comedy sketch outfit somewhat aptly named ‘Frimston & Rowett’. The two met whilst studying at Cambridge University and have previously performed with the Cambridge Footlights and garnered critical acclaim from the co-creator of Red Dwarf amongst others.

There is a half decent amount of people here tonight and it’s nice to see that people are interested in new, young comedy acts and that not every comedian/comedic outfit have to have been shoved in our face repeatedly by their latest BBC THREE programme before the general public are willing to actually go out and watch them perform live.

And Frimston & Rowett are genuinely funny. The sketches they perform are creative, slightly oddball and contain just the right amount of un-PC jokes and self-deprecation to make the audience really warm to them. From scenes about two men who write the jokes for the back of Penguin biscuits to scenes of two astronauts on an irreversible crash course for the sun, the sketches are eclectic and inventive. It’s a mix of witty, dark humour as well as physical and musical comedy (and also some indecent word play).

The dynamics between the pair mean that the performance feels energetic and fresh and it’s obvious that the two really enjoy working together, which makes it much more of a laidback experience for the audience.

Frimston & Rowett are obviously consummate performers with real acting chops and their sense of comic timing is faultless. Also, the wit and intelligence of Frimston & Rowett’s writing is plain to see from their live performance this evening. I’m really glad to have seen them tonight – who doesn’t like to spend an evening wobbling with laughter after all!?

Frimston & Rowett Official Website

Words: PM

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