30 days, 30 bands – #21 Cobra-Fist

Hear this tale of yore, grasshoppers, and younglings Of ninjas, fighters, and spiritual distortion guides Who jumped into scene one day, as the manatee spoke Three warriors, like peppers, they came up fierce Three songs, a trifecta, through hearts they pierce Cobra vs Man, Cobra vs Heart, Cobra vs Shaaaaark. Pint-sized ninjas who fought a style not many took In the city of broken Steel … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #21 Cobra-Fist

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Interview – The Legend of 7 Black Tentacles

Picture this: a small cramped practise room in the heart of (well, near one of the football stadiums, dunno which team). 6 musicians, all from very different backgrounds. Not a single guitarist in sight (well, there’s one but he is not playing guitar) and a bass player that was AWOL, saving the world from the evil forces of Pitchfork and Robert Christgau. Continue reading “Interview – The Legend of 7 Black Tentacles”

Wild times with burgers at The Harley…

It seems that we’ve taken a turn as of late. Besides the usual music and art shenanigans, several stories about alcohol have been creeping in. Maybe it was because of this or simply because they took pity on us being skint, but we got invited to a Press launch for the new range of Burgers the Harley is offering (via Twisted Burger Company). Continue reading “Wild times with burgers at The Harley…”

Interview : Cobra-fist

Image: Glenn Miller (check his work on our webcomic!)

Picture this: a warm, sunny September afternoon and you are just walking on Ecclesall Road and all of a sudden you look at the trees and yell “Hey! Is that a ninja up there?!?!?!”. You thought you saw three ninjas (with the only difference being they got palette-swapped) but now they are not there…they are.. behind you! But they are friendly ninjas, and they just saved you from a Samurai (stupid tachi-wielding melonfarmers).

We thank the trio. They call themselves Cobra-fist. The name’s origin, a mystery. The trio’s identity, an even bigger mystery. We notice they have musical instruments. One of them introduces himself as Myth and we thought it was a good idea to interview them… Continue reading “Interview : Cobra-fist”

Wake up to Cobra Fist

Don’t you hate it when you’re chillaxing and then a stupid shark comes around and steals your girlfriend and you have to fight his minions with uppercuts, elbows-to-the-face and spinning hurricane kicks? And once you defeat it, you have to fight your bro to the death? No, wait, that’s Double Dragon. But might as well make a comparison with a beat-em-up, as the music of … Continue reading Wake up to Cobra Fist

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One fine day at Peace in the Park 2011…

Peace in the Park 2011 was held at the Ponderosa park in Sheffield. The free event included many a local act, with volunteers asking for money for a wide variety of charities. The music was good, the food range was exquisite and the bathroom lines were infinite. A beautiful day filled with great music, here’s a few of the many talents that played that day. Continue reading “One fine day at Peace in the Park 2011…”