Songs for Jane Howden

They said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but considering how some people avoid paying them, I’m no longer sure about taxes. But, yeah, we will all leave this mortal coil, one day. What’s never certain is what we can do with our time on this greeny Earth. I never had the honour of meeting Jane Howden, but the amount of people her life changed is flabbergasting.  Continue reading “Songs for Jane Howden”

Invitation – Songs for Jane Howden

We’d be honoured if you’d accompany us to West Street Live this Monday 27th of August (bank holiday, yay) to a rather good day of music, with all money going straight to a worthy cause (Brain Tumor Research) Line up includes: 4 pm Tom Attah 4:45 pm Trevor Thomas 5:30 pm 36 Other Guys 6:15 pm Unsung National Heroes 7 pm Dave Woodcock and the Dead Comedians … Continue reading Invitation – Songs for Jane Howden

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Dan Williamson and CatsforPeru @ West Street Live

Lickity Split Presents… Down To The Woods 2! (Featuring Dan Williamson and Cats:for:Peru).

It was a slow Wednesday night on Sheffield, but West Street Live had a little jaunt made by the lovely people of  Lickity Split. Stalls with clothes and some rather scrumptious cupcakes helped pass the time before the free gig started. The musical selection (on vinyl, natch) was righteous, too.

Ah, Dan Williamson, saw him back in March, enjoyed his show, and was looking forward to this. Don’t know (nor care) what genre he’s playing, I just care that I like it and that it’s honest music. With a few depressing moments mixed with some uplifting musical choices, it delivered. But hey, check the links section at the end and grab a copy of his album and chime in!
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