Dan Williamson and CatsforPeru @ West Street Live

Lickity Split Presents… Down To The Woods 2! (Featuring Dan Williamson and Cats:for:Peru).

It was a slow Wednesday night on Sheffield, but West Street Live had a little jaunt made by the lovely people of  Lickity Split. Stalls with clothes and some rather scrumptious cupcakes helped pass the time before the free gig started. The musical selection (on vinyl, natch) was righteous, too.

Ah, Dan Williamson, saw him back in March, enjoyed his show, and was looking forward to this. Don’t know (nor care) what genre he’s playing, I just care that I like it and that it’s honest music. With a few depressing moments mixed with some uplifting musical choices, it delivered. But hey, check the links section at the end and grab a copy of his album and chime in!
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Tramlines 2010 – Friday

Friday 23 : Ecky Thump (the full-on rock day)

kickstarted on Friday with a quick visit to The Circle (for the press wristband) and then to Penelope’s (for a chat with the wonderful people from Counterfeit Magazine).  This was the first year for us covering a massive festival and needed some advice from pros to get this job done.

After an interview with the lads from The Loud (which will be posted soon on this site) in a very busy Bungalows and Bears, the first gig I went to was at The Washington. Wet Nuns lugged around some heavy amplifiers (one with the band’s name made up with pieces of the Marshall logo) and woke up the audience with ‘7 year itch’, a loud call to arms, then doing a bit of Link Wray‘s ‘Rumble’. Pretty energetic set too, and Doc and Sheriff were right in character, engaging the public with their Sheffield Alabama drawl in full gear.

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What the (bearded) cat brought in…

Cats:for:Peru – Attack of the Pitching Machine


The skinny: Indie sea of rock with a dark riptide creeping about (will explain later).

The review (proper): Hailing from Sheffield and formed from the ashes of other bands, the combined experience of all members show in the broad range of feelings and musical genres mish mashed together. This is a lethal cocktail of an album.

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Cats for Peru + The Dawn Chorus + Random musings from a coeditor

From the desk of Quintana “Quinto” Haberno (pt 1 – The Agony)


Sometimes people think that we, the editors, have a whale of time bossing around. Sure, it’s fun to yell at our useless twerps (but brilliant writers), but with great powertripping comes great responsibility, i.e. our chances to write are sometimes low (there’s a lot going behind the scenes in Sloucher, it’ll be a blast, promise).

Anyhoo, I went to see Cats for Peru and the Dawn Chorus more than a month ago and while this review isn’t recent, fuck it, I’m co-editor and it’ll be a sunny and dry day in Sheffield before I don’t write for a blog I co-edit.

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