Slow Club, Chips for the Poor and Is I cinema, oh my!

Slow club Giving up on love A quickie song that never lets down with a cool video to boot (just click on our wake up song tomorrow, you’ll recognise somebody). Simple but effective, can’t go wrong with a song this happy and this earworm-y. Maybe there will be some sun if this one gets played a lot? No, really, check the video. It’s a hoot. … Continue reading Slow Club, Chips for the Poor and Is I cinema, oh my!

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Interview: Is I cinema

Is I Cinema

Sometimes in life, you’ve got a choice. The problem is always that choice. Our decisions are marked by that choice. What you want to do versus what you have to do.

My problem was: Do I go to a gig I’ve been waiting for or ditch it for a band I barely know nor heard of before?

Stupid plan warning: I can do all in one day. Sigh, the Nirvana fallacy is my best friend. Still, I arrive to the back garden of The Grapes and I see them, 6 people. Three dames, three gents. The one with the longest hair (Carl, guitar) greets me and I sit down in front of one guy who reminds me of Paddy Considine.

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