Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth


It’s always interesting how a song evolves over the years. What once seemed a staple track in live sets changes form completely when it gets polished by the artists.

I mention this because both ‘Laura’ and ‘All the young girls’, 50% of Wet NunsBroken Teeth EP (eeh-pee!) existed in recorded form before. They have changed, both in delivery and production style. They changed enough to be a whole different beast, while still keeping their essence. Something like a warthog getting pimped out as a wild boar.

‘Laura’ is more sludge than before, the vocals still as gruff and sexy as ever and that guitar tone equalling licking a honey spoon after eating too many habaneros. ‘All the young girls’, easily the track to mosh to during their live gigs is here, in all it’s glorious form. Again, slowed down a bit, but the five finger punch of death is just as lethal at 30 mph than it is as 30 kmh.

What about the newer tracks? ‘Broken Teeth’ is a powerful track of this blues death duo from Sheffield (Alabama), with enough guitar riff to satisfy the arpeggio enthusiast and enough drumkit bravado to sate the drumming hierophant. ‘Feast’, the louder cousin of ‘Why you so cold?’ is the pyracantha berry in this pudding, with its acidic arrangement and infectious groove.

Fantastic, solid EP by them two good old boys. Now, if only we could get ‘No Death’ recorded, I’d be a happy fanboy.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

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