EP Round Up : Adi Carter, Deaf Club, Good Weather for an Airstrike, The Violet May


Hullo, guvs and guvnettes, this is our always late EP round up, where we trawl through the titanic troves of tinnitus-inducing music and bring you the best of what’s around. Or at least what WE think it’s the best of what’s around.

Remember: don’t adjust your opinion.

In our usual analogy form, we will be comparing each of these EPs to something cool and entertaining. For this week’s edition, I’m comparing each EP to a character from David Mamet‘s Glengarry Glen Ross. Sounds good? Read on. Sounds bad? Uh, please read on. My ego needs to be read.

Adi Carter – Distance Runner

The first punch this old school electronic EP delivers is in the beautiful pointillist front cover, which I found out was made by hand. Top notch. The second punch is the decisively vintage sound found in these four songs, made from beats, bleeps and samples. ‘Wear & Tear’ is a slightly breezy track, with a playful bassline. ‘Raiders’ is an undead track that arose from its 80s grave, neon socks and all. The conversation sample is a little unnerving, the music is brilliant. ‘Minotaur Dub’ is a more modern one, a sort of Alexander Hale – style take on Heracles’ horniest enemy. ‘Distance Runner’ will be the one you like the best on the first spin. It’s sample heavy and 90s dance, think pineapple cocktails by Alicante while the sun goes down and the effigies are ready to burn.

Top track : ‘Raiders’

This EP is:  Ricky Roma (Al Pacino.) Brashy and cantankerous but quite wise.

Adi Carter Blog. Flavors. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook.

Good Weather for an airstrike – A sense of uncertainty

It’s hard to keep track of the songs in this lovely EP not because they lack identity, but because the immersing sounds. The cinematic atmospheres that Good Weather for an Airstrike paints are always gorgeous, like a John Constable masterpiece. Slow drones that never explode (‘Two miles of uncertainty’), pianos longing for some sort of resolution to their woes (‘Stop everything! it’s snowing!’) and swelling drones akin to a midnight mass in a big cathedral (‘Lasting effect’) are but a few of the descriptions I could give to the gorgeous music in this collection. ‘A sense of uncertainty’ feels like a “big reveal” part of a film, sort of like that twist from the grossly underrated Oblivion. Truly expansive music that should please the ambient enthusiast who wants a bit of the film going experience without having to sit through 20 minutes of ads (and Kevin Bacon.)

Top track : ‘A sense of uncertainty’.

This EP is: Shelley “The Machine” Levene (Jack Lemmon). Tragic due to its sense of longing overtaking its logic.

Good weather for an airstrike Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Facebook. Myspace. Last.fm. Twitter.

Deaf Club – Take in Colour

A flavoursome EP of understated music, Take in colour by Deaf Club is a beautiful. A quiet shade of rock, any sense of bravado is expertly disguised in the honey suckle sweet vocals and the new wave guitars. ‘Lines and limits’ is like a gentle drizzle by the coast on a summer night, with a sense of introspection that continues dearly into the very emotional ‘Toulouse’, a slow-cooking ditty. ‘April’ is the tricky one, as it seems to go for the same sad moods set by the previous tracks, but it resists this tendency and soars into the skies. ‘Chase the night’ is the band slowly falling back to Earth, with the chilling conclusion that they can land on their feet, unscathed. Pretty sweet EP!

Top track: ‘Chase the night’.

This EP is: John Williamson (Kevin Spacey.) Push and you will be shoved back.

Deaf Club Website. Soundcloud. Twitter. Bandcamp. Facebook.

The Violet May – Strange Lives

With a new singer, a keyboard player and another guitarist since we last saw ‘em in recorded form, The Violet May went and made their sound a little meaner, a little louder and a little less agile. ‘Letters of love’ is the ominous desert rock opener that starts without warning; a veritable trip through hell (ever been to Cleveland? That.) ‘War’ is the one for the heavy heads who need a groove to bang their head to and their knees to collapse to. Rockin’ beats. All EPs need a calm, sexy moment and ‘Four letter lies’ is just that, with the dirty feel of a seedy low light dive bar. ‘Long fall’ is the chaotic ending, a punch, kick, punch combo that finishes the bout before the first round. Enjoyable but I wonder, where’s ‘Ladders’?

Top track : ‘Long fall’.

This EP is: Blake (Alec Baldwin.) Angry, full of attitude and ready to talk smack to both the foolish and the flippant.

The Violet May Bandcamp. Facebook. Soundcloud. Last.fmTwitterSpotifySoundcloudMyspace.

Hope y’all enjoyed it.  And if not, then, shit, here’s a song by Blind Melon:

Words: Orestes P. Xistos.

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