A fiver for your thoughts

The Violet May – TV

Stream – ‘Mother’s milk’

Music is a universal language made of Mathematics. Yes, I start this review in a rather geeky way just to point out something: if instincts were numbers, then they’d come in the equation The Violet May has created through their tunes.

There’s always this intensity that would take you beyond your normal physical abilities. For the sake of a good explanation, these tunes are to me like that shot of Jäggermeister you’d wish you never had (especially the day after). This is the moment when you’re made of steel and nothing really matters, but going beyond.

Through a wide palette of influences, twists and tinctures made of the pure essence of the physical world, The Violet May presents their EP loaded with 5 pieces of adrenaline, all bundled for you and named TV (I wish TV was this exciting).

This is an atmosphere filled with electricity, but manages wonderfully to get its human heart pounding loud and clear, giving songs of honesty and amazing displays of talent.

Even when there’s talent in the band, the members don’t bother showing off and just let it flow smoothly as seen in track 3, ‘TV’: persistent bass lines (Dan Booth) and drums (Alan Whitaker) working as the fertile soil to support new and sharp guitar dialogues (John Kubicki & Jono How) and inviting voices (Chris McClure, John Kubicki).

The steel moment comes with tracks as ‘Jennifer lies’ and ‘Mother’s Milk’ that pump adrenaline through your veins, and then take you to the edge. I just can picture these two tracks live in the middle of a revolution of feelings, shoving each other in the audience, as flowing through our instincts. Excellent drum riffs, guitars like gusts of wind and a deep voice tone to give a clear direction to this path.

Bass and drums become an ace combination in The Violet May, and ‘Queen Teen’ becomes the best proof for that. A series of notes that go downwards when habit says upwards, rage held within, until we’re close to the end. Beautiful double bass drum!

The last track is ‘What you Say’. This track and ‘Jennifer lies’ were available online last year, and ‘What you Say’ really made me turn my head to this band. Beautiful thing is the Internet: it always brings good and fresh music to my ears, and physical distance becomes nothing. Strong statements, sexy riffs and synchronized up & downs make ‘What you say’ an enjoyable rollercoaster.

All instruments mix to give a unique and strong identity of its own to this band, making it hard to find proper labels for them (it’d be like imprisoning a free spirit in this world). A quiet rage, tempered strength, well-defined ideals, this EP is made of notes coming from the minds of talented musicians that really know what they’re looking for.

Words: Tonan.

Links: Bandcamp. Facebook. Last.fm. Twitter. Spotify. Soundcloud. Myspace.

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